TEAM Day on Wednesday, May 24th
Each student will have the opportunity to watch To Kill a Mockingbird and Glory. If you would prefer to have your student to not partake in one of the movies please advise accordingly. Thank you.

As part of our unit on the Civil War, we are going to watch the 1989 movie Glory, starring Denzel Washington, Mathew Broderick, and Morgan Freeman.  The movie details the experience of the Massachusetts 54th, the first all-black regiment to fight in the Civil War that paved the way for 200,000 other black Union soldiers.  The movie covers the issues of both fighting a war and racism in the north and the south.

However, the movie has an “R” rating.  This is partly because the movie was rated in 1989, when a PG-13 rating was new.  The movie contains about 4 “swear” words and no nudity or scenes of a sexual nature.  There are three short scenes of war, none of which are particularly graphic or gratuitous but do contain some blood.  The movie has been shown at Lewis and Clark Middle School for several years.

I fully believe that this movie has great value as a learning tool, and that the content within the movie falls well within the boundaries of what students can see any night on network television.  If you have any concerns that I can answer, please email me at gary.mercer@bpsne.net.  If you would like to learn more about the movie, please read a review at:


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