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 Welcome to B.H.S.! I hope you had a great summer and are ready for a productive year! Your first good decision was to take an art class! The next would be to fully involve yourself in all aspects of the high school experience and challenge yourself.The results will amaze you!   
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Ceramic Gallery

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Design major projects

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Major projects are the culmination of practice work, preliminary studies and homework assignments that reinforce the concepts used in the final work!

 Ist. Quarter 

#1 - Name Collage
 Design is the introductory course in our department and this project seeks to build a connection between students new to high school. They use their name in a grid design,the design should be a personal and expressive design! The elements of the collage- images, text, color are derived from their own personal history!
Colors are from flags of their heritage,images that have a personal meaning to them,and text that may have something to say!
Each name collage is combined on one large paper, to be displayed
as a class flag!

#2 - Scratchboard Animals
 Create an animal indigenous to Massachusetts as your subject.Research the animal and develop a knowledge of it's color and coat texture. Using the technique of scratchboard, scratch carefully the fur, feathers, shell or other animal outer covering. Lastly, try and recreate the natural coloring of their '' coats'' using watercolor paints.

#3 - Continuous Line Studies
 Investigating the power of line! A series of line drawings,using line to show depth, emotion, texture, shape and form! Several drawings were done of organic and geometric objects, using pencil and pen.

#4 - Iconic Symbol Design
 Creating a pattern using a familiar image in a creative way. Using pen and water color washes, students will develop bright colorful
renderings of the classic "water bottle".

5. - 7 Cards
 Each student will create 7 card- size  examples of the principles of composition. They will cut and paste shapes that represent a clear example of each principle. When completed, each class will vote on the strongest examples. We will then vote for the best seven cards.

6. - Figure/Ground Relationship
 Understanding how objects relate to the space around them.
 Everyone will draw a series of 3 small compositions, using fruits and vegetables, and arranging them differently in each. Draw and rendering with shadow.

Design Homework - school year 2019-2020

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Homework - Design homework should be completed in your sketchbook,unless otherwise indicated. Assignments are given on Monday and are due the following Friday. * There are 3 opportunities for extra credit each quarter.
 1st. Qtr.
HW.#1 -


ceramics II- expectations

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Ceramics II will need a sketchbook or journal to record ideas, plan out the specifics of a project.Exploring many ideas for the same topic is essential to the development of an original design! This prerequisite is included in the grade!
Ceramics II students will be asked to challenge themselves,to further their knowledge of clay and it's potential! Their projects will be more involved, theme based and larger in scale. Project assignments will be both functional and sculptural.

ceramics I - expectations 2019-2020

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Homework in this class is given periodically, and in conjunction with classwork concepts!

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