Burlington Public Schools is a k-12 Google Apps for Education (GAFE) district. Our teachers and students use the Google suite of apps as their primary collaboration and communication tool. Google Drive serves as our primary data storage app, Blogger is used by students for curating work for digital portfolios, and Google Classroom was adopted this year and has become popular among many Burlington teachers as a digital workflow solution. 

Google's tools, combined with our 1:1 iPad classrooms, are capable of providing engaging, student-centered digital learning opportunities. This site has been designed to provide teachers of Burlington Public Schools with resources and online support to explore those opportunities, help them get the most of our their Chromebooks, and continue to discover innovative ways technology and the web can be used to enhance the curriculum. While this site has been designed with educators in mind, it contains resources, videos, and links that will benefit students, parents, and community members who are using Chromebooks and Google Apps.  


Chrome OS - How to log in for the first time on your Chromebook