Jr. High Teacher Web Page List

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Robert Sullivan
Carrie Romines
Courtney Cochran
Morgan Wilson
Josh McNatt
Cody Edgar
Kevin Shumaker
Julia Reynolds

Penny Wilson
Ashley Glenn
Charles Idol
Matt Reynolds
Sean Hammonds
Miranda Duke
Derrick Haney
Bobby Watson
Karen Sanders
Brooke Williams
Brandon Rout
Beth Moore
Michael Monteforte
Joe Baltz

Peak Performance
Mike Stephenson  

 Special Education
Michele Hubbard
Katrina Haustein
Tammy Bowman
Shelly Wood
Denise Hubbs
Samantha Henderson
Jennifer Lawerence

Keith Davis
Brandon Parsons

Marinda Archer

Lane Wells
Brian Haynes
Alan Bowman
Lynna McMillon
Sandy Kalkman

Marissa Arnold
Kirstyn Salehi
Starli Keller

Terry Hogard
 Tools for Learning
Megan Shackelford
Nancy Rodriguez


*Teachers are responsible for updating and maintaining the information on their webpages.  Any information, dates, or activities given are subject to change without notice.  Please contact the teacher if you have any questions about the contents of their webpage.  Feedback is always welcome and we thank you for your patience as we implement this new system for making classroom lesson plans, activities, and materials available to you.