What is Normal?

Is This Normal?

Normalcy is is a very relative and broad term that some people strive for or strive from. We are are living in a world that is considerably diverse culturally, religiously, and individually. Even the text I am typing in is considered normal, does that mean that every other type of text is abnormal? The word normal is still be debated and defined by psychologists everywhere, to try and solve this debate will only have me talking in circles. The more important question is whether your situation or anyone's for that matter is wrong or right.

Identifying Normalcy in Yourself

If you are concerned that something about yourself or about your life is not normal. You need to take a look at what is really going on. It is normal for you to argue with your parents or siblings or feel like they are to strict or unfair. However, there are lines if your someone in your family is abusing you or someone else in your family either physically sexually or verbally, that is wrong. You should take action and look at the tab for family dynamics found at the top of this page. If you feel that anything is not right in any aspect of your life, including your behaviors or thoughts, visit any of the tabs above related to what you are going through. Investigating is the first key step to understanding what is really going on.

Identifying Normalcy in Others

For this section I offer the same advice as in the paragraph above, but be warned the customs and ways of other families or cultures might not be normal to you. Just because something is not familiar to you does not mean that it is not normal period. Again, if you really feel like a line or barrier is being crossed or the behaviors and actions of someone seem amiss, you should investigate with the tabs above. Be warned though, when approaching this person with your concern, they might think that there situation or who they are, is just fine and find offense in anyone who thinks otherwise.

If you really are just looking for an answer to this grand philosophical question here is a great article for you. =)