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Is this Abuse?

Physical Abuse: What exactly is it?

Physical abuse is when one partner intentionally hurts the other or makes threatening contact. These are some signs of physical abuse in a relationship:
  • Hitting, smacking, scratching, biting, kicking 
  • Pulling hair
  • Grabbing you violently
  • Forcing you to do something
  • Using a weapon
  • Coming into unwanted, harmful contact with you

How To Escape A Situation With Physical Abuse

If you ever feel threatened and cornered by your relationship partner, there are many things you can use to get yourself out of that situation. 
  • Make an escape plan (how you would be able to get out of where you are quickly and safely)
  • If possible, always meet in a public place 
  • Have emergency contacts
  • Keep evidence of physical abuse
  • Keep a journal of every abuse
  • Call the police if you feel extremely threatened 

Emotional Abuse: What exactly is it?

    Emotional abuse is when one partner constantly makes the other partner feel bad about him/herself. 
                These are some signs of emotional abuse:
                • Mocking constantly
                • Putting you down
                • Playing mind games
                • Humiliating you
                • Causing low self esteem 
                • Making you feel guilty

How to Escape a Situation with Emotional Abuse

  • Get help from parents, friends, or relatives. Ask for advice or create a plan together to get out of the relationship. 
  • Receive help from anonymous organizations such as: The National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-SAFE (7233) or 1-800-787-3224 which can refer you to a local organization. They can provide therapy, emergency shelters, and aid within legal matters for temporary restraining orders or other cases.
  • Local help and meetings for physical and emotional abuse: 
  • A website focused on support and resources for abuse, domestic violence, and rape: