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Is my Relationship Healthy?

There are many important signs that point to the development of an unhealthy relationship. If more than five of these apply to you, your relationship may be heading in a negative direction.

You may be in danger of an unhealthy relationship if your partner:

  • Is unsupportive of your activities
  • Does not like to listen when you have something to say
  • Does not understand that you have a separate life from the relationship
  • Says you are too involved in activities/friends
  • Always checks your texts/calls/relationships with other people
  • Gets extremely jealous and possessive
  • Accuses you of cheating and flirting excessively when untrue
  • Controls any aspect of you (how you dress, your personality, etc)
  • Criticizes/mocks you
  • Always places the blame for problems on you
  • Threatens to hurt you/your family
  • Abuses you emotionally and/or physically (slaps, pushes, etc.)