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Family Dynamics

Teenager and Parents
Relationships between teenager and their Parents
Teenagers and their Mother and Father

Parents and teenagers have their disagreements about almost everything, here is what you do if you have those kinds of common disagreements.

Teenagers with Parents that compromise
  • Your parents restrict you the things you may want to do
  • Remember they are trying to protect you
  • Try to make them understand that this is what you want to do
  • If you are still disagreeing with them, try to compromise with them

A Brief Video:
This video shows you what teenagers should try in order to get along with your parents.

Teenagers and Siblings
Relationship between Teenager and their siblings
Teenagers and Younger Siblings and Older Siblings

Teenagers always have disagreements with their siblings and can lead to fighting, If you want to a better relationship with your sibling here are some tips listed below.

Your Younger Siblings
  • Try to do things that they may like
  • Spend time with them and try to do things together
  • Find things that you both like to do together 
  • Try to argue less
  • Learn to trust them

Teenager and Step Parents
Relationships between Step Parents
Teenager and Step Mother of Step Father

Having a new parent in the family can be rewarding and it can also be difficult because forming a trustful relationship with them can be hard. If you want a better relationship with your new parent here are some tips listed below.

Step Mother/Father
  • Slowly learn to trust the parent
  • Have a positive attitude towards them
  • Try to spend some time with the parent
  • Try to be open about your yourself
  • Do not try to shut them out of your life

Teenager and Step Siblings
Relationship between Step Siblings
Teenager and New Brother or Sister

Having a new parent could mean having a new sibling or a new friend whom you argue with, you want to a better relationship with your new sibling here are some tips listed below.

Forming a relationship with Step Siblings:
  • Try to find similar things between your new sibling
  • Have bonding time with them and the family
  • Approach them as a friend
  • Make him feel welcomed
  • Give them space to take in the new situation

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