You are not alone
There is a growing trend in today's teens of self-harm. It comes with the various challenges that many teens face, and a sometimes dangerous drive to gain control. As a matter of fact, between 2 and 3 million people in the United States harm themselves (that's almost one tenth of the population). It is something many teens face, and there is nothing to be ashamed of. 

What can I do if my friend is cutting?
Friends need support to overcome cutting. Sometimes, parents take the blame upon themselves and they feel that it is their fault. Standing up for your friend and being there for them is the most important step you can take to help your friend. 
  • Take the problem seriously
  • Help your friend get support or find them a support group
Your health and cutting
Cutting can severely affect your personal health. Over time, cutting can become more and more severe. Although in most cases the risk is not fatal, the impacts that cutting has on your life can lead to health problems, and bleeding out (letting blood flow) can increase risks for problems like anemia. 

Resources for Cutting

Places you can call
  • David and Margret Youth Services 909-596-5921
  • "S.a.f.e Alternatives 1(800)-DONT-CUT OR 800-366-8288
  • Door of Hope - 615-746-7319

What can you do?
Expressive outlets such as art and music