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What is it?
 Anorexia is an eating disorder that is defined as the inabilitiy to maintain one's body weight within 15% ofone's Ideal Body Weight (IBW). Those who suffer from Anorexia develop serious health and sometimes life-threatening medical complications. Other features of this disorder is the fear of gaining weight, denial of the seriousness of one's illness, and a distorted image of one's body. 

Signs and symptoms:
  • preoccupation with food
  • inability to maintain a body weight within 15% of one's IBW
  • rituatlistic eating habits: cutting one's food up into tiny pieces, refusing to eat in front of people, cooking elaborate meals but not eating them 
  • decrease in food and liquid intake 
  • preoccupation with one's appearance, specifically weight - many who suffer from anorexia believe that they are larger than they are even if they become dangerously thin 
  • loss of hair/thinning of hair, especially around the hair area 
  • long, fuzz-like hair throughout the body 
  • irregular menstruation/stoppage of menstruation 

  • starvation/malnutrition
  • decreaes in pulse rate and blood pressure
  • bone weakening
  • thyroid gland complications 
  • severe dehydration
  • seizures due to fluid or sodium loss