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What is Anxiety?

Anxiety is state of nervousness before a challenging task such as: school work, exams, projects, family, etc. It is completely normal and all teenagers experience some form of anxiety. Anxiety is a natural reaction to an event, but sometimes this reaction can be more severe than normal. Anxiety becomes and issue when it elicits physical symptoms and habits that become debilitating. Usually is results in lack of sleep, which makes it difficult to function to your full potential on a day to day basis.

Do I have Anxiety?

Here is a quick Anxiety Screening that will help you determine whether or not your anxiety is a problem in your daily life:  Anxiety Screening

Who can I contact?

There are many anxiety support groups in the surrounding Burlington area. You can have the oppurtunity to share experiences with anxiety and listen to the experiences of others. For support group meetings in the are Click Here.

If you are uncomfortable speaking in a group, Burlington has a list of counselors that specialize in helping people overcome their anxiety. If you or a friend feel that you would like to talk to someone. Please Click Here to contact anxiety counselors.





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