Young Hearts for Life
Batavia High School 2014

The Young Hearts for Life (YH4L) Cardiac Screening Program will be in operation at Batavia High School on Thursday, May 1st, and Friday, May 2nd, 2014.  All students whose parents grant permission will receive a free screening.  Parents do not have to sign up for a specific time slot; registered students will receive the screening during
their regularly scheduled Health or Physical Education class period.
YH4L provides free cardiac screening to identify high school students at risk for sudden cardiac death.  A simple (and painless) ECG can detect about 60 percent of the abnormalities associated with sudden cardiac death that a stethoscope cannot detect.  Young Hearts for Life has screened more than 100,000 students in the Chicagoland area.

See and hear a 4-minute introductory video, in which students who have been screened, and their parents, discuss the program's value.

Young Hearts for Life (YH4L) web site

Information for Volunteers:
This invaluable program is provided not only through the generous sponsorship of Batavia High School, but also with the work of parent volunteers.
Parents interested in volunteering may find information about various volunteer roles here. Volunteers will attend one of two training sessions offered on Wednesday evening, April 30th, 2014.  Volunteers will then work a minimum of four consecutive hours on one of the two screening days. Parents who would like to register to volunteer may do so here.  This site includes details about training times and available work shifts on screening days.
Because they will be working directly with our students, volunteers will undergo simple background checks, which are standard protocol for school visitors today.  In addition, volunteers will be trained on how to give an ECG.
In addition, community donations will help cover ancillary costs required to conduct the screening, such as providing supplies and lunch for the volunteers.

If you have questions after reading the material and links on this page, please email or call 630.937.8925.

Mar 3, 2014, 8:13 AM