How to use this template:
Welcome to a Common Core Standards-Based, student ePortfolio. The purpose of this site is for students to demonstrate understanding of the 5th grade Common Core Standards through the presentation and organization of their work (i.e. a mosaic of work). Please use this how you see fit. Click "Use this Template" at the top of the page to get a copy of this site, or you can share this link with students directly.

As you click throughout the site, you will see sections of this red text. These sections are meant to be descriptions and suggestions and should be removed.

About Me

This is a great place to have a short bio, highlighting a few of your interests and describing yourself as a learner. It is always a good idea to be careful about what you share on the web. If you're not sure what to put in this section, please talk to a parent or teacher.

A picture of something that's interesting to you, like your favorite book, could be fun to include on this page. Another idea to interest your visitors would be a screencast where you give a tour of this site.

My Blog
You may change this image to more accurately reflect your own blog/learning
 Why blog? Why not?
-authentic audience
-digital archive of learning
-pride in  work
-practicing effective digital citizenship
-positive digital footprint
-authentic feedback/collaboration

Visit  Blogger to set up your blog---be sure to include a link in your blog to your ePortfolio.

My Visitors

 Locations of visitors to this page 
 Why a Clustr Map? Audience and purpose. A big part of the value of Sites is the ability to present learning to the world. This tool allows students to see that other people care about their work besides teachers and parents.

Visit the ClustrMap site to get a visitor map for your ePortfolio or blog.