The Batavia High School English Department works to develop proficient communicators and creative, critical thinkers. Students are challenged to develop their problem-solving and analytic/evaluative skills. In their four years at Batavia High School, students will intensely focus on the process of writing, implementation of reading strategies, and the communicative abilities needed in collaborative life situations. Through this work, the English Department strives to develop its students into life-long learners and successful citizens.

In any sequence of English courses, students will apply past knowledge to enable them in future course work. The core, college preparatory English courses present students with literature diverse in culture and time period. All students will examine the writing process and complete persuasive, narrative, and expository pieces. Advanced and honors courses present students with a comprehensive curriculum in preparation for college-level work, and elective courses provide students opportunities to expand their knowledge and skills beyond traditional course work. Students may choose from a diverse range of topics, including electives in speech and written communication, the performing and technical arts, and specialized, topic-specific courses.

Our English Department offers students a range of opportunities to promote learning both within and outside the classroom.  All students are encouraged to submit their writing to the annual Literary Festival. Additionally, students may challenge themselves and prepare for their futures by enrolling in Advanced Placement Literature and Composition; our dual-credit courses, Advanced Speech or Advanced Composition; participating in BATV studio production; or writing for the print and online editions of the school newspaper, the Spectator