2017-2018 Mandatory Trainings

    Mandatory State Trainings

    2017-2018 Academic Year
    • Completion of the state-mandated trainings for 2017-2018 is tracked in a SurveyMonkey account. That information is later transferred into Frontline Professional Growth.
      • You can see what is posted in Professional Growth by logging into it with the link at BPSTRAINING.ORG and clicking either Learning Plan (the notebook icon) in the left sidebar or by clicking My Info (the portrait icon) and then selecting View My Activities.
      • If you completed a training and it is not posted, please email Laura Salzyn, who manages Professional Growth for the district in one of her many duties as a Teacher Specialist at the ESC. 
      • The training Building Positive Relational Skills is no longer required for all teachers and support staff but is posted for those who need to complete it: special education teachers and special education paraprofessionals. Bus drivers who are unable to do that training in person on the district's scheduled date may use that online training, and it is available for anyone who wishes to benefit from training on reducing workplace violence through positive behavioral supports.
      • After completing a training, you do NOT need to print out your completion certificate unless you wish to do so to retain for your own personal records.

      Mandatory State Trainings

      Frontline Professional Growth

      The Professional Growth service from Frontline Education is how the district tracks and supports staff Professional Development, including:
      • Tracking the professional development points earned by staff members 
      • Signing up for district workshops
      • Centralizing the evaluations and materials for district workshops
      • Providing access to a large library of video training resources to assist staff members with targeted professional development, including the new Professional Learning Focus requirement
      Staff members set up accounts via email invitations. If you need an invitation sent to you, contact Laura Salzyn at the ESC.
      Professional Growth
      PG Help

      There are also instructional videos posted in a "Frontline Training" Team Drive for Instructional Technology Assistants, Instructional Coaches, Department Chairs, Grade Level and Special Area Elementary Coordinators, and Middle School Building Coordinators who instructor rights in the Professional Growth system.

      Professional Development Records

      • In-district professional development is tracked through sign-in sheets at the workshop/training and is recorded in Frontline's Professional Growth system.
      • Out-of-district professional development after July 1, 2017 will also be tracked with Professional Growth. 
        • Before you can attend an out-of-district professional development activity, the activity must be approved by your building principal or your direct supervisor.
        • All purchase orders for registration, travel, lodging, per-diem, materials fees, miscellaneous fees, stipends and substitutes must be requested six weeks before the first day of the activity.  The BPSD Board must approve all Purchase Requests before a Purchase Order can be issued.  A Purchase Order must be in place before the first day of the activity.  Advanced planning for out-of district professional development activities is critical. You can access the Travel Forms online.
        • To receive professional development credit for an out-of-district professional development activity, AFTER THE ACTIVITY HAS BEEN COMPLETED you must:

          • Scan and upload a copy of your participation certificate or some other proof completion into Professional Growth. (If you lack the documentation, you’ll need to insert a comment in the form to that effect and your supervisor will know to work with you on obtaining confirmation.)

          • Complete and submit the online PDA Out of District Request Form in Frontline's Professional Growth.

      Professional Development Requirements

      • Every five years, full-time teachers must acquire 75 hours of professional development.
      • Two hours per year of professional development have to be technology related. (You can document this yourself and have a principal sign-off.)
      • Part-time teachers have no defined amount of hours required, but must come to district professional development days.
      • If you are currently going through alternative certification, you need to verify with Laura Salzyn the amount of hours you must document; the amount varies for different teachers. Please contact her so that you aren’t blindsided by a requirement of 150 hours when it is too late.

      TLE PL Focus

      Download and open the template in Adobe Reader and it will be a fillable form.