January 2018 Inservice

We will be using the Professional Growth from Frontline to pre-register participants in most sessions.

Pre-registration is slated to begin on Thursday, 12/14/2017.


Frontline Professional Growth

The Professional Growth service from Frontline Education is how the district will now track and support staff Professional Development, including:
  • Tracking the professional development points earned by staff members 
  • Signing up for district workshops
  • Centralizing the evaluations and materials for district workshops
  • Providing access to a large library of video training resources to assist staff members with targeted professional development, including the new Professional Learning Focus requirement
You will receive an email invitation to set up your account.

Mandatory State Trainings

  • State law requires several mandatory annual trainings. You can tell if you've received credit for a training by checking "Staff Development" in the New Employee Portal (access instructions).
  • The training Building Positive Relational Skills is no longer required for all teachers and support staff but is posted for those who need to complete it: special education teachers and special education paraprofessionals. Bus drivers who are unable to do that training in person on the district's scheduled date may use that online training, and it is available for anyone who wishes to benefit from training on reducing workplace violence through positive behavioral supports.
  • After completing a training, you do NOT need to print out your completion certificate unless you with to do so to retain for your own personal recordsThe Education Service Center will send quarterly reports to principals and designated site secretaries for site tracking.

Mandatory State Trainings

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