Outlook / Email

Accessing Webmail

Use the above link to get help with:
  • Configuring iOS devices
  • Configuring Android devices
  • Using Outlook Web App on any web browser (if you use its "light version"
  • Using the default Windows 10 Mail app
Frankly, mobile devices running iOS and Android are the most convenient ways to access your district email and calendar when away from your station at school:
But the Outlook Web App is still available for browser-based access to your email and calendar from anywhere on the internet, including Chromebooks.


Having trouble making attachments, etc.?
Unfortunately, our version of the Outlook Web App is no longer fully compatible with modern web browsers like Google Chrome. So you may find that you can longer make attachments or use drag-and-drop, etc. when using Google Chrome or other browsers.

One workaround is to use the Microsoft Internet Explorer web browser and to select the LIGHT version of the application when logging in. This will display a more primitive but still functional interface where you can make attachments, etc. For Chromebooks, you can try installing and using the IE-on-Chrome extension.



Quick Help

Lightspeed Spam Filter

A filter we all appreciate but will always wish could work better is the one for "spam" - unwanted email. Each day your inbox is supposed to receive an email from notspam@lightspeedsystems.com entitled "Email Summary for username@bps-ok.org".

Open those messages to review and, if necessary, clear emails marked as spam. 

See the image below for details; click to enlarge it.

Lightspeed spam email

A link on each of those messages allow you to view messages currently blocked by the filter or blocked for the past full week. 

That day's emails are also summarized with links to let you forward messages and add known safe senders to your "white list" so that their messages are not filtered.

District Webmaster,
Jun 21, 2015, 6:01 PM
District Webmaster,
Jun 21, 2015, 6:04 PM