Spam Filter

Our district uses Lightspeed products for blocking inappropriate websites and spam emails. We regularly apply for and receive federal "e-rate" funding for our technology services and infrastructure. Federal law, including CIPA and the Protecting Children in the 21st Century Act, ties the "e-rate" funding to mandatory web filtering to protect minors. Board Policy ECA governs internet access.


You use the above link and then login with your usual district network username and password to login to the spam filter.

Spam Filter Login

Then you can review current messages blocked as spam, and review and edit manually and automatically created user rules.

Spam Filter Controls

With Spam Summary selected at the top, you can choose to see today's, yesterdays, or the previous week's blocked emails. You can search through the list by entering search terms in the From, Subject, or Details boxes and then clicking Apply. Click Reset to clear the search terms and start a new search.

To forward a particular email to your inbox so you can check it out or to mark a message as known to be valid and have it forwarded and similar messages forwarded in the future, click to put a check mark in the box at the left side of its line. A Select Action box will appear; click to select whether to Mark Not Spam or simply Forward Only.

User Rules

To review the Block and Allow rules you have created over time, click User Rules at the top. You'll see a list of sender emails and whether they are marked Allow/Block. You can choose to Delete a particular rule and thus no longer whitelist (allow) or blacklist (block) a particular sender address.


Each day your inbox is supposed to receive an email from entitled "Email Summary for".

You can also open those messages to review and, if necessary, clear emails marked as spam. 

See the image below for details; click to enlarge it.

Lightspeed spam emails

A link on each of those messages allow you to view messages currently blocked by the filter or blocked for the past full week. 

That day's emails are also summarized with links to let you forward messages and add known safe senders to your "white list" so that their messages are not filtered.


If some spam gets through the filter, contrary to the email summary instructions, you CANNOT forward that email to anymore. Instead, you MUST locate its entry at the bottom of that day's daily spam summary email and click its Always Block link.

If you see an email with ***SPAM*** in its subject line, that indicates that a scan thought the message was spam, but Lightspeed let it go through anyway because you had been communicating previously with a sender and a scan thought it detected spam in this later message. If it is indeed spam, locate it's entry the next day in the email summary and click Always Block.