How do I manage the Joey Chromebook carts with baskets?

posted May 22, 2019, 6:57 AM by Granger Meador   [ updated Oct 21, 2020, 1:26 PM ]
The Chromebook carts supplied by the district to the elementary schools are LocknCharge Joey 30 carts with baskets, except for carts 3 and 4, which are Blackbox carts.

The Joey 30 carts have six baskets, which each hold five Chromebooks. These make it easier to distribute and gather Chromebooks quickly for a class, only get the needed number of devices out, and quickly check that everything has been returned to the cart.

The green-and-white models have a single large lid:
2-Door Lid
The gray-and-white models have a split two-door lid:

Each of the Chromebooks in a cart has been marked with a silver paint Sharpie showing its cart code and slot number. For example, HVE-G1B #3 indicates the device belongs in slot 3 of Hoover elementary school's 1st Grade Cart B. 

Missing Devices

The district barcode inventory tag is also on the bottom of the device. If a device should go missing, the site can notify Ashleigh Callahan, providing its cart # and device #. He can then remotely disable the Chromebook, which might help it find its way home.

Devices Needing Repair

Adjusting Cart Charging Settings

Push the green button at the bottom of one side of the cart to select among:
  • SAFE ON - charge all devices continuously
  • TIMER ALL - sequentially power different devices, but turn the power off after a set time (don't use this mode)
  • TIMER CYCLE - sequentially charge 1/4 of the devices for either 1 hour or 3 hours and then another 1/4  of the devices and so on in a continual cycle; this is the preferred mode since it is less stressful on the batteries and draws less wall current
  • OFF - none of the lights for the previous modes will be lit; nothing will be charged even if the power to the cart is on
Eco Safe Charge panel

There is also a remote control, but it is only needed to choose between 1-hour or 3-hour charging times for the TIMER ALL and TIMER CYCLE modes. Since sites would never really need that level of control and remotes are easily lost, the remotes are kept at Tech Services.