Chromebook Tips & Links

posted Jan 17, 2018, 7:24 PM by Granger Meador   [ updated Apr 27, 2018, 8:39 AM ]

All certified staff members should now have a Chromebook, charger, and case. The items are yours to use at school and elsewhere so long as you remain in district employment. You do NOT have to check them in when changing sites. If you leave district employment, you must submit the items to your site supervisor so they can later be used by others.


  • Please use your Chromebook for meetings

    • Please help us reduce costs and become more efficient by bringing your Chromebook with you, charged, to all district meetings.
    • Meeting organizers are urged to prepare agendas in Google Docs and either share them with participants with links or by setting up and using a Team Drive for your group.
      • Stop agenda paper waste; expect participants to use the electronic agenda you prepare and share
      • Participants can use File > Make a copy to create their own copy to take personal notes on, or you can grant commenting or editing rights when sharing the agenda for live collaborations
      • The agenda and any personal notes are then searchable in Google Docs and Google Drive


  • If you prefer to use a mouse

    • Just about any mouse should work fine.
    • A wired mouse is simplest and most reliable.
    • For wireless mice, a Bluetooth mouse is recommended as they seem to be less draining on your Chromebook’s battery life than a cordless mouse with a radio dongle.
    • However, Bluetooth mice do have to be paired with your Chromebook, and the connection can falter. So if you want fewer hassles, you could use a basic wireless mouse with dongle.
    • Technology Services does NOT provide mice for Chromebooks, but the first three belts of the Kung Fu Canvas program for Canvas LMS training are now open to teachers in grades 6-8, and teachers in grades 6-12 who complete the first three belts in Kung Fu Canvas earn a Bluetooth mouse.

If you want to order a mouse from Amazon at your own expense, here are some links I gathered for inexpensive choices found with Amazon Prime in mid-January 2018:


  • If you need to print from your Chromebook at school or at home


  • To display your Chromebook screen on a monitor or projector

    • Use Google Cast to wirelessly share your screen if there is a computer that is already hooked up to the projector or monitor.
    • If you have a conference room at your site or other shared room with no computer and a projector that only supports VGA, have a site tech troubleshooter file a Help Desk ticket to request an HDMI adapter dongle.
    • Technology Services does NOT provide HDMI dongles and cabling to connect Chromebooks in classrooms since teachers can use Google Cast for free. However, if you wish to invest in a dongle and cabling at your own risk and expense, Amazon links and instructions are on page 6 of the Google Cast instructions.


  • To use G Suite apps even when offline


  • District user manuals

  • Oodles of great extensions to make your Chromebook and Chrome browser more useful