Chrome apps and extensions

Apps & Extensions
There are many web apps students and staff can use on their Chromebooks and in the Chrome browser on other systems.

Chrome extensions are installed from the Chrome Web Store to expand the capabilities of the Chrome browser and Chromebooks. 

Chrome web apps can only be viewed and installed via the Chrome Web Store when you are using a Chromebook and create dedicated app icons on a Chromebook.

The district does NOT restrict most apps and extensions on staff members' accounts and associated devices. 

However, it blocks most Chrome Web Store apps and extensions on student devices to increase time on task, protect student privacy, and reduce mischief. 
  • To see which apps & extensions are allowed for students:
    1. Use a district account to log into a Chromebook or log directly into the Chrome web browser itself on other devices.
    2. Go to the Chrome Web Store and click For



Suggested Chrome Apps

These work on devices using the Chrome OS, particularly Chromebooks

PDF Editors

  • Kami
    • Online PDF viewer, highlighter, etc.
  • Xodo
    • Online PDF viewer and annotator; can link into Google Drive for easy use with Chromebooks
  • Duck Soup
    • Convert Word & PDF files into online worksheets

    Suggested Chrome Browser Extensions

    These work in any Google Chrome browser on a desktop, laptop, tablet, or Chromebook
    • Screencastify
        (for recording from the screen)
      • Record, Edit, Annotate, Store, and Share video screen recordings; very useful for instructors and trainers