Syncing Canvas Grades to PowerSchool

The Canvas Gradebook

Graded assignments (Assignments, Graded  discussion, quizzes) will create a column in the Canvas Gradebook automatically. You access the Canvas Gradebook using the Grades link in a course's left-side navigation column.

For assignments not submitted in Canvas, when creating the assignment you should select “No Submission” or “On Paper” for the assignment type. This will create a column in the gradebook for you to manually enter the grades if you want to handle all grades within Canvas. Or you can choose not to sync those grades to PowerSchool and just manually enter them over in PowerSchool.

To export Canvas Gradebook entries to PowerSchool

Click the Export button at the top right of the Canvas Gradebook and then select PowerSchool:

Errors are usually caused by duplicate assignment names (Canvas will only export the first 30 characters to PowerSchool) or not setting a Due Date for a Canvas item.

Canvas Gradebook Controls 

You will have options for each submission, assignment, quiz, etc., in the grade book. By clicking the drop menu next to a particular one, you have several options:

Gradebook Dropdown Menu

  • Assignment Details (see some overall statistics)

  • SpeedGrader (view each assignment, mark it up, etc.)

  • Message Students Who... (easily contact students who haven't submitted yet, haven't been graded yet, scored less than or more than a certain amount)

  • Set Default Grade (can speed up data entry)

  • Curve Grades

  • Mute Assignment (hide the grades from students; used when you are still grading submissions and don't want to post grades until later)

  • Download Submissions (for some assignments; used for grading offline)

  • Re-Upload Submissions (for assignments you graded offline)

You can also rearrange and resize columns in the gradebook. You can move the final grade to beginning of the gradebook as well.

For more help with the Canvas Gradebook, see:

Choosing what to sync to PowerSchool

When creating a Canvas assignment, quiz, or graded discussion, check the option to “Post grades to PowerSchool” if you want to post the assignment to PowerSchool. 

Quickly selecting which items to sync to PowerSchool

Also, on the default page for Assignments, Quizzes, or Discussions, you can click the Sync to SIS icon on and off for the listed items:
= do NOT sync this; = sync this

Sync Icon

Matching your Canvas Assignment Groups to your PowerSchool Grade Categories

On the assignment page, click +Group and create your assignment groups to exactly match your categories in PowerTeacher (you can see those in the PowerTeacher Gradebook by opening the Tools menu and selecting Categories).

Be sure you match uppercase and lowercase. Also, Canvas insists on posting the Canvas assignment groups “Assignment” and “Assignments” to the PowerSchool category of “Homework” or “Classwork” and posting the Canvas assignment group “Quizzes” to the PowerSchool category of “Quiz”.

If you use weighted grades, after you have created your groups, you can click on the gear and select “Weight final grade based on assignment groups”  and enter group values to match what you do in PowerTeacher.

Grade Passback Limitations

  • Grades are PUSHED from Canvas to PowerTeacher NOT PowerTeacher to Canvas. This means if you need to update a grade to an assignment already PUSHED from Canvas to PowerTeacher, you will need to make any changes in Canvas and repost the grades.

  • Comments in Canvas DO NOT transfer to PowerTeacher but Late marks on submitted assignments do.

  • The title can be no longer than 30 characters.

  • Only content that has a Due Date assigned in Canvas will sync.

  • PowerTeacher does NOT support assignments or quizzes to individual students like Canvas does; so assignments or quizzes you want to pass back must be assigned for an entire section in a Canvas course or for "Everyone". So if you want to restrict an assignment or quiz to only some students, still add "Everyone" as a group in the settings after the individual assignments, but restrict the availability for that group to a minimal time window.

  • Categories in Canvas DO Transfer to PowerTeacher as long as your Assignment Groups in Canvas and Categories in PowerTeacher Gradebook are named exactly the same. See previous column. If you don't have a matching PowerTeacher Gradebook Category, a grade will be assigned to "Tests" in PowerSchool.

When you Export grades, your grades are put into a queue to be sent to PowerSchool. The time to sync will vary.

Only grades in your PowerTeacher Gradebook are considered official. So be sure to export any grades you want used from Canvas into the PowerTeacher Gradebook.

Missing Grades

If you export grades from Canvas but don't see the assignment or all of the grades in the PowerTeacher Gradebook, try waiting a few minutes and then exit the PowerTeacher Gradebook and then log back in. The missing assignment and grades may now show up.

If you wait quite awhile and an assignment appears but all of some of the grades in Canvas fail to appear in the PowerTeacher Gradebook, manually DELETE the incomplete assignment in your PowerTeacher Gradebook. Then go back to Canvas and export the grades AGAIN. Wait several minutes, and usually the grades will all passback successfully.

If you never can get all of the grades to passback, contact Granger Meador at the ESC for assistance.