Sharing Canvas course materials

Sometimes teachers would like to share their Canvas course quizzes or an entire course. Or they would like to access content from other Canvas schools. There are two main ways to accomplish this: the Canvas Commons or using the course export/import tools.

The Canvas Commons lets you share Canvas content with users across the world:
If you would like to form a group of teachers at BPSD who share Canvas resources, send Granger Meador a school email providing him with:
  • The name of your group (e.g. BPSD Spanish I)
  • Which teacher(s) he should designate as group manager
    • The manager(s) can then add the other teachers to the group (once they've accessed the Commons by clicking on its icon in the Canvas sidebar and authorized it)
    • The manager(s) can also manage the resources that group members send to the group
The group members can then use the "Select Group(s)" option when uploading resources to the commons. They can even tag specific state standards to the uploaded resources.

You can also directly export quizzes or entire courses as a file, send that file to a colleague via email or by sharing it with them via your Google Drive, and your colleague can then import that content into their own course or courses:

Canvas Commons
The Canvas Commons