Paperscorer is a Canvas add-on the district has purchased to address these issues:
  • Until each student has a Chromebook it can be difficult for a teacher to give a Canvas quiz. 
  • The Edusoft program for creating and scanning bubble answer sheets has been retired.
  • The district's coursewide multiple-choice curricular assessments will now be run through Canvas instead of Edusoft.
Paperscorer lets you create bubble answer sheets for multiple choice, true-false, and numerical quizzes in Canvas. You can also quickly create a quiz using Paperscorer and then have it import the results into Canvas.

Using Paperscorer

Generating Answer Sheets from Canvas Quizzes

To generate answer sheets for a quiz in your Canvas account:
  1. Click Courses on the left.
  2. Select the course for which you want to generate answer sheets.
  3. In the lower left, click Paperscorer. A list of all available quizzes will appear. Beneath each quiz, you will see a series of links.
  4. Click Create Answer Sheets. A list of students will appear as well as a preview of the assessment.
  5. Select the students for which you wish to generate answer sheets.
  6. Click Continue. You should be presented with two links: Print Answer Sheet(s) and Print Quiz Questions.
    • Note that Print Quiz Questions provides a printer-friendly version of your quiz which you can provide to students along with the answer sheets.
  7. Print the answer sheets and distribute to students along with the quiz.

Generating Answer Sheets in Canvas without a Quiz

If you have an offline assessment and want to use Paperscorer to auto-grade the results without creating a Canvas Quiz:
  1. Click Courses on the left.
  2. Select the course for which you want to generate answer sheets.
  3. In the lower left, click Paperscorer
  4. Click Create Answer Sheets without a Quiz.
  5. Give your quiz a title and indicate the number of questions.
  6. Click Next. You will be presented with an answer key for the number of questions you indicated.
  7. Select the correct answer for each of the questions.
  8. Click Next. You will be presented with a list of students enrolled in the course.
  9. Select the students for which you want to create answer sheets and click Create Answer Sheets.
  10. You will be presented with two links: Print Answer Sheet(s) and Print Quiz Questions
    • Note that Print Quiz Questions will create a printer-friendly version of the quiz to distribute to students.
  11. Click Print Answer Sheet(s). Print and distribute the answer sheets to your students.
    • In Canvas, Paperscorer will automatically create a quiz to which your students scores can be associated.

    Filling Out Bubble Sheets to Insure Quality Grading

    To insure the highest quality scoring:
    • Avoid taking pictures where there is a high amount of glare on the bubble sheets caused by light. This is usually caused by incandescent light directly above a bubble sheet. 
    • Avoid heavy erasing or the use of "white-out" type products on bubbles that may obscure the bubble borders.
    • Insure that bubbles are fully filled in.
    • Insure that markings do not cover more than one bubble if this is not the intent.

    Using the Paperscorer App to Auto-Grade Bubble Sheets

    Once you've downloaded bubble sheets, you're ready to automatically grade using the Paperscorer app if you have a smartphone.
    1. Download and Install the Paperscorer app at the App Store or Google Play.
    2. Open the app on your mobile device. You will be prompted to choose a partner.
    3. Select your assessment system. You will be prompted to enter your credentials.
    4. Enter your credentials. You will be directed to a page that lists all of the form or quizzes for which you have generated bubble sheets.
    5. Click the camera icon in the lower right of your app. You will be prompted to grant the app permission to use your camera. Grant permission.
    6. Position your device so that the entire bubble sheet (including border) is within the frame of the picture. Hold your device steady. Paperscorer will automatically capture and display the picture to you.
    7. If the picture is clear, click Use Image. Paperscorer will automatically score the bubble sheet and display the results.
    8. To view an item-analysis for the student, click Report Analysis.
    9. To grade the next student, click Score Next.

    Bulk Uploading Answer Sheets for Grading in Canvas

    Using a standard scanner or document camera, you can choose to scan images of multiple answer sheets and then upload them to Paperscorer in bulk for grading. To do this in Canvas:
    1. After scanning your answer sheets, save all sheets to the same folder.
    2. Select the course for which you want to upload answer sheets.
    3. Click the Paperscorer link within the course navigation. Paperscorer options will appear.
    4. Click the Upload Bubble Sheets button. A page will appear with instructions for uploading your sheets.
    5. Click the +Add Sheets button.
    6. Navigate to the folder on the drive in which you saved your scanned sheets.
    7. Select the answer sheet files that you want to upload. Paperscorer will indicate the number of sheets selected.
    8. Click Upload. Paperscorer will begin the process of uploading and automatically grading the answer sheets. If there are errors found in any of the sheets, you will be presented with a link to view the sheet along with an error message.

    Importing Grades to Canvas

    1. Click Courses on the left in Canvas.
    2. Select the course for which you want to import scores.
    3. In the lower left, click Paperscorer. A list of all available quizzes will appear. Beneath each quiz, you will see a series of links.
    4. If grades have been captured using the Paperscorer app, the link titled Import Student Scores will be enabled.
    5. Click the Import Student Scores link. Scores will be automatically synchronized and you should be able to view them in the Grades section of your account.
    6. Beneath each quiz in Paperscorer, you will also see a View Scores link. Clicking this link will display the scores for each of the answer sheets that have been scanned and allow you to view the image of the answer sheet that was captured.

    Correcting Errors Found in Answer Sheets

    ​Sometimes, Paperscorer will identify errors or ambiguous markings in an answer sheet. This can occur if:
    • A bubble is marked, but only slightly
    • More than one bubble is marked with one marking
    When this happens, Paperscorer will present an appropriate message to you and give you the option to review the answer sheet online and manually mark the area(s) that you believe the student intended. To do this:
    1. After uploading answer sheets, if there are errors, click the Correct Errors button. A page will load in which an image of the captured answer sheet will display on the left and a web form will appear on the right. The questions with errors will be highlighted on this web form.
    2. Fill in the appropriate areas in the form on the right. 
      • If you do not know what the student intended, you can choose to Skip the answer sheet. In this case, you can have the student fill out a new answer sheet and upload it again.
    3. Continue this process until all error sheets are corrected.

    Help with Canvas Quizzes

    Canvas has many help links on creating quizzes. You can create quizzes with multiple choice, true-false, or numerical questions and use Paperscorer with them.

    Analyzing Quiz Grades & Items in Canvas

    You can do item analysis and much more with a Canvas quiz. 
    Below are examples of the kinds of analysis screens you might find helpful, especially with district coursewide curricular assessments.

    Quiz statistics

    Quiz item analysis