Giving extra attempts or time on a Canvas quiz

You can give a student additional attempts or extra time on a quiz.
  • This can be helpful for special education students, students whose quiz was interrupted, etc.
  • Reportedly answers to discrete questions, such as multiple choice and true/false questions, are saved as a student is taking a quiz. 
  • However, we’re told that short answer and essay-style responses are not saved until the student submits the quiz.

Extra attempts via Show Student Quiz Results

  1. Open Quizzes in the course in question.
  2. Open the particular quiz being taken.
  3. Click the ⋮ icon and select Show Student Quiz Results:
  4. Click the name of the student in the Students who have taken the quiz column.
  5. Click allow this student an extra attempt.

Using the Moderate This Quiz feature

There is a Moderate this quiz option when viewing a quiz inside your Canvas course. It allows you to:
  • view the progress of student submissions
  • view the number of quiz attempts each student has taken
  • grant students extra attempts
  • grant extra time for timed quizzes
  • manually unlock quiz attempts
To use it:
  1. Open Quizzes in the course in question.
  2. Open the particular quiz being taken.
  3. Click Moderate This Quiz in the right sidebar or below the entry:
  4. Then use Search People to locate a student to see what has been recorded thus far:
  5. Click the pencil icon for a student to grant them additional attempts, etc.
  6. You can also use the checkboxes to the left of the names to select multiple students and then use a pencil icon to moderate them all at once.