Canvas Quiz Tips

There are various strategies for making an online quiz in Canvas more secure.

Blocking internet access with the Bartlesville Canvas App

When you have students taking a quiz on their Chromebook, click on "Apps" at the bottom left instead of logging in normally, and run the Bartlesville Canvas App. You will need to monitor them during the quiz to ensure they don't reboot and restart the quiz, but you can check later to see if they did restart a quiz.

If you are giving a Canvas quiz in a computer lab, use NetSupport to control the students' machines. Tina Steele, Kim Lashbrook, and Diana Johnson can help you with this utility.

Use the "Available From" and the "Until" options

  • Due Dates do NOT prevent students from accessing quizzes or assignments but will mark them late.

  • The Available From and Until options in any assignment or quiz will lock students out when they are no longer within the listed time frame.

    • Some sources recommend a time frame longer than 15 minutes since some students may have internet issues that hinder them from submitting the assignment or quiz in such a short period.

    • That being said, the time frame should also not be so long that students are given ample time to “Google” the results or contact others in the class (hours, not days).

Use “Restrict this quiz” access codes

You can use Restrict this quiz in the quiz settings to specify an access code. That locks down access to the quiz until a student knows the code you created. (Note that while this option is set, you will NOT be able to scan any answer sheets for that quiz in the PaperScorer add-in.)

After students are all into a quiz, you can update this access code period-by-period to help keep the quiz secure through the school day.

"Mute" a quiz before you give it and as needed

  • While immediate feedback is one of the benefits of taking quizzes online, students who have taken the quiz might share quiz questions or results with those who have not taken the quiz.

  • The only way to prevent students from viewing their quiz score at the end of a quiz is to mute the quiz before the students take the quiz. Please note though, muting an assignment will override your other quiz settings related to quiz feedback. Students will not see any quiz feedback including their responses to questions or the correct answers. Instead students will only get this message (see image below).


Once the quiz is unmuted, students will be able to see/access quiz feedback based on the the quiz settings.

  • So it is best to “mute” a quiz in the Canvas Gradebook before you give it. This will prevent

  • To prevent cheating when an instructor shares feedback in-class on an assessment, instructors should mute and unmute a quiz. When a quiz is muted it is “silenced” to student viewing. Students cannot view their quiz grades, quiz content or correct answers until their instructor unmutes the quiz. This allows feedback to be shared with the whole class and students can’t copy and paste answers or take screen shots.

Select appropriate quiz options

When editing a quiz, there are a variety of options to enhance the security of the test:

  • Shuffle Answers

This changes the order of the answers to test questions so students can’t share the correct answers as easily.

  • Time Limit

For out of class tests, assume every test is open book. Give students enough time to finish their test while not giving enough time to find every answer.

  • Multiple Attempts

    • Each attempt gives them another chance to look up the correct answers or to find some other way to get the answers.

    • If you must give multiple attempts, choose the option to limit the number.

    • If you allow extra attempts, we suggest to not allow students to see their quiz responses or at the very least, which answers were correct.

  • Let Students See Their Quiz Responses

It can be best to remove this option. When it is allowed, students who are not in the Bartlesville Canvas App can copy and paste their quiz to share the correct answers with other students.

  • Restrict this Quiz

This option allows for proctoring by creating a password required to take the test. For in-class tests this means that students must be present to receive the password. While this option is set you will NOT be able to scan answer sheets into Paperscorer for that quiz.