Fake Student Accounts in Canvas

A teacher can add a fake student account to any Canvas course and use that fake account's credentials to replicate the full student experience.

However, you can more simply use the Student View option in Canvas to simulate most student experiences in a course.

The fake student account is useful if you want to login to Canvas as a student on a Chromebook to replicate that experience, take a quiz as a student in the LockDown Browser, etc.

Teachers can use their district email accounts to contact Granger Meador to obtain the appropriate fake account username and password for their site. Bear in mind that it is vital that the fake student account credentials are never provided to any student under any circumstance.

Adding the fake student to your course
  1. Open the course in Canvas.
  2. Click People in the navigation column.
  3. Click the +People button.
  4. Switch Add user(s) by from the default of Email Address by selecting Login ID.
  5. Type in the dialog box the fake student's username.
  6. Leave the Role setting on the default of Student.
  7. Click Next.
  8. A confirmation screen will show if it picked up the appropriate person or not; if their name shows up correctly, etc. then click the Add Users button. If something is wrong, hit Start Over or Cancel.
Accepting the invitation
You will then need to exit out of Canvas and log back into it using the fake student credentials. After logging into Canvas as the student, you will see an invitation to join your course at the top of the screen which you should accept.

Since teachers across the site share access to the account, there may be a number of different courses available to it. Please only access your own course(s) with the account so as to avoid any potential FERPA issues.
Fake Student