Blocked websites

Blocked websites
Some websites are blocked by default for student access to help students remain productive at school and to comply with federal requirements, including CIPA, NCIPA, and the Protecting Children in the 21st Century Act. Board Policy ECA governs internet access.

But sometimes a site is blocked when it should be open.

QUICK FIX: Login to the web filter
If you are on the district network and a site that you can normally access shows the block screen or the annoying "This site can't be reached" error page, you may not be logged into the filter. 

You can use the Web Filter link on Staff Links on the district website to login with your district username and password (the username does NOT include or This helps teachers access YouTube on a Chromebook and similar issues.

Staff members can more quickly access the web filter login in the Chrome browser:
  1. Login to your Chromebook or login to the Chrome browser.
  2. Open the BPSD bookmark group in your Chrome browser and click the Web Filter link. 
  3. Enter your district username and password. (The username does NOT include or 
  4. You should be able to access the usual sites for at least 30 minutes. 
The direct link to the filter login you can bookmark for yourself is

Fixing filter problems

We use the Lightspeed Web Filter, and when you try to access a website that is blocked, you sometimes will get a "This site can't be reached"  error message.

Sometimes you will see a version of the following screen:

Filter screen

  • Fixing an anonymouse login: If you get the above screen which says "You have been identified as anonymous...", click the Login link to identify yourself to the filter. (Have students enter their own usernames and passwords, not yours!)
Fixing an anonymous login

  • Fixing a wrong username: If you get the filter screen but it shows the wrong username for your login, click the Not you? link to identify yourself to the filter. (Have students enter their own usernames and passwords, not yours!)
Not you fix
  • Anyone who is on the district network, whether via Ethernet cables or WiFi, can sign in to the filter with the link

Diagnosing blocked sites

You can use the following link to check for blocked sites by typing the domain of the site (e.g. into the dialog box on the screen that appears:
That will produce a report from Lightspeed showing if the domain is blocked and why it is blocked. If it says "Manually Categorized" that means it was checked by an actual person and blocked, not blocked due to certain rules or keywords. You can submit a review request directly to Lightspeed from this report, but for faster action see "Submit for review" in the next section below.

What about Pinterest?
Many teachers wonder why Pinterest is blocked. Currently that service does not offer filtering of explicit images, so they could be inadvertently shown to students, which would be a violation of federal law. We encourage staff members to access Pinterest off campus where this is not a concern or at school by using their own mobile device on their cell network since that would not be readily viewable by students. Lightspeed has reached out to Pinterest about allowing it a way to pass through images categorized as appropriate, but that is not in place at this time.

Submit for review

If you have verified that you are logged into the web filter as yourself and still cannot access a site you think should NOT be blocked, you can select the Submit for Review option if it appears. The more detail you give for the reason for the request, the better. That request goes to our Technology Services department, not Lightspeed, for prompt review. So please use it when you see it. 

Review request

f the site is blocked, but you only see a This site can't be reached screen or you see the filter screen but no Submit for Review button, copy the web address and paste it into an email to your site Help Desk ticket writer. Provide some explanation of what you were trying to access and they can work with the principal and submit a Help Desk ticket for review by Tech Services if they agree it appears the site should not be blocked. 

YouTube videos

  • We use YouTube Smart Play where videos and channels categorized as education.videos or manually whitelisted by the district can be viewed by students on campus desktop computers and on the take-home Chromebooks at BHS.

Partially blocked websites

Some websites rely on "server farms" which host both appropriate and inappropriate content. This can lead to videos and other elements of an unblocked website still being blocked. Sometimes the district can put in a detailed web address for an important resource to get it unblocked, but it can be a hit or miss proposition.

Use the new Google Sites, not Weebly or Wix

At this time we cannot selectively unblock Weebly or Wix websites. So if you want to create a website for a class or an organization, please use the new Google Sites with your district Google account. There is online training and online help available for the new Google Sites.