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Professional Development

Professional Development Records

When signing in for professional development credit, make sure either your signature or ID number is legible. Otherwise, Dr. Lois Howard at the ESC will not be able to record your credit for hours earned.
  • You are responsible for keeping your own records for out-of-district professional development. Use the Out-of-District form
    • Before you can attend an out-of-district professional development activity, the activity must be approved by your building principal or your direct supervisor.
    • All purchase orders for registration, travel, lodging, per-diem, materials fees, miscellaneous fees, stipends and substitutes must be requested six weeks before the first day of the activity.  The BPSD Board must approve all Purchase Requests before a Purchase Order can be issued.  A Purchase Order must be in place before the first day of the activity.  Advanced planning for out-of district professional development activities is critical.
    • To receive professional development credit for an out-of-district professional development activity you must:
      • Complete the Out-of-District Professional Development Request Form for Professional Development Points.
      • Send your completed Out-of-District PD Request Form and one of the following attachments to the district professional development office:
        • Copy of your participation certificate.  Include your name, ID number and school on the certificate.
        • Copy of your registration form.  Include your ID number on the registration form.
        • Copy of your Leave Request Form.   Write the name of the professional development activity in the “explanation” section of the form.
      • You must complete the above steps before the activity will be posted to your Professional Development Transcript
    • All Certified Teachers, Principals and Administrators should keep a record of their Out-Of-District Professional Development activities in their personal professional development file.  Bartlesville Public Schools does not provide verification of attendance for out-of-district professional development activities. 
    • If you have questions about Out-of-District Professional Development Points, please contact:
Lois Howard, Voluntary Director of School Support
E-mail: HowardL@bps-ok.org
Phone: (918) 335-2931
  • A teacher from each site serves on the district Professional Improvement Committee (PIC).

Professional Development Requirements

  • Every five years, full-time teachers must acquire 75 hours of professional development.
  • Two hours per year of professional development have to be technology related. (You can document this yourself and have a principal sign-off.)
  • Part-time teachers have no defined amount of hours required, but must come to district professional development days.
  • If you are currently going through alternative certification, you need to verify with Dr. Lois Howard at the ESC the amount of hours you must document; the amount varies for different teachers. Please contact her so that you aren’t blindsided by a requirement of 150 hours when it is too late.
Mandatory Online Trainings
  • State law requires several mandatory annual trainings. Updated ones will be provided online for district employees in August 2017. You can tell if you've received credit for a training by checking "Staff Development" in the New Employee Portal (access instructions).
  • After completing a training, you do NOT need to print out your completion certificate as was done in the past, unless you want a copy for your own personal files. The Education Service Center will send quarterly reports to principals and designated site secretaries for site tracking.