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STEM / Project Lead the Way / Carl Perkins

The STEM program provides students with education in applied Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. It relies on a combination of state CareerTech and federal Carl Perkins funding, along with local district funding. The Phillips 66 Innovation Labs at each secondary school are utilized by the program.

Granger Meador, Bartlesville High School

Betty Henderson, Bartlesville High School

 Site Teacher Courses 
Central Darin Messerli Gateway to Technology
Central Lolly Williams Gateway to Technology
Madison Shannon McKinney Gateway to Technology
Madison Rachel Hough Gateway to Technology
BHS David Ayres Introduction to Engineering Design
BHS Jeremy Hanks Computer Science Principles AP, Exploring Computer Science
BHS Betty Henderson Science Research
BHS Warren Neff Advanced Math Applications

BHS P66 Innovation Lab

High School STEM Courses

Five courses at the high school address all areas of STEM:
  • Betty Henderson
    Science: Science Research course where juniors and seniors develop independent original research projects and enter them into competitions. This course is being taught by veteran BHS science teacher Betty Henderson, who is a member of the Oklahoma Science Fair Hall of Fame and has for decades mentored Bartlesville students in award-winning projects at the district, state, and national levels, including several that led to patents.
  • Technology:
    Jeremy Hanks
    Computer Science Principles is a new offering for 2016-2017, offering freshmen and sophomores the opportunity to earn Advanced Placement college credit. Using Python® as a primary tool and incorporating multiple platforms and languages for computation, this course aims to develop computational thinking, generate excitement about career paths that utilize computing, and introduce professional tools that foster creativity and collaboration. 
That course is complemented by an Exploring Computer Science course which introduces students in grades 9-12 to the field through an exploration of engaging and accessible topics, including computational practices of algorithm development, problem solving and programming. BHS teacher Jeremy Hanks brings his expertise with computers to both courses.
  • Engineering:
    David Ayres
    Introduction to Engineering Design course where freshmen apply math, science, and engineering standards to hands-on projects, working both individually and in teams to design solutions to a variety of problems using 3D modeling software. Students can follow-up this course in the later grades with additional related engineering coursework at Tri County Tech. This course is being taught by veteran BHS science teacher David Ayres, who has a degree in engineering.
  • Mathematics:
    Warren Neff
    Advanced Math Applications course for students in grades 10-12 with topics such as signal processing, array design, solid earth modeling, matrix inversion, field modeling, and much more. This course is being taught by veteran math teacher Warren Neff, who brings his extensive industry experience to bear.

Project Lead the Way

Project Lead the Way

The district has been expanding its offerings through the national Project Lead the Way (PLTW) program.

Gateway to Technology Courses at Central & Madison Middle Schools

The district has offered PLTW Gateway to Technology courses at its two middle schools for many years, with one instructor at each site. A second instructor is being added at each school so that students can select from a variety of courses, such as:
Ms. Williams & Ms. McKinney completed three PLTW module trainings in the summer of 2016
Lolly Williams, Shannon McKinney, and Rachel Hough each completed three PLTW module trainings in the summer of 2016
Ms. Hough at Space and Flight training in July 2016

Computer Science Principles

The district now offers PLTW Computer Science Principles at Bartlesville High School in its Phillips 66 Innovation Labs. This program follows the Project Lead the Way curriculum and is approved by the College Board to give students the opportunity to earn college credit.

Students who take Introduction to Computer Science at middle school should be able to easily transition to the Computer Science Principles course, but the middle school courses are not a pre-requisite.

Pre-Engineering Partnership with

Tri County Technical Center

Students in grades 10-12 are able to take technical education classes at the Tri County Technology Center (TCTC) in Bartlesville, which is part of the state CareerTech system.

One STEM program at TCTC is its Pre-Engineering program. Bartlesville Public Schools has partnered with them to offer the initial course, Introduction to Engineering Design, to freshmen in the high school's Phillips 66 Innovation Labs.

Students who wish to can then take additional Pre-Engineering courses at TCTC in grades 10-12.

Carl D. Perkins Career & Technical Education


The purpose of the Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education Act is to provide individuals with the academic and technical skills needed to succeed in a knowledge and skills-based economy. Perkins funding is used to develop more fully the academic and career and technical skills of secondary education students and postsecondary education students who elect to enroll career and technical education (CTE) programs.  

The current Carl Perkins focus is on preparing students for high wage, high skill, high demand occupations. Federal resources help ensure that CTE programs are academically rigorous and up-to-date with the needs of business and industry. The Perkins federal funding supports innovation and expands access to quality programs. The Oklahoma State Department of Career and Technical Education is responsible for managing the Perkins funding in Oklahoma.

Perkins Funding in Our District

Perkins funding in the Bartlesville School District is used to support science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).  Students enrolled in quality CTE STEM programs are motivated to learn because they are challenged by the rigor and engaged by the relevance.

At Central Middle School and Madison Middle School, Perkins funding provides resources for the Gateway to Technology teachers and STEM Project Lead the Way courses.  At BHS, Perkins funding provides resources for the STEM teachers and the Project Lead the Way courses in the Engineering and Computer Science programs of study.

Types of Supported Activities
  • Academic integration of core academics and career and technical subjects
  • Experiences and activities in all aspects of an industry 
  • Classroom technology for students and teachers
  • Professional development for teachers
  • Guidance and counseling for CTE students 
  • Internships in business and Industry
  • Recruitment and retention of CTE teachers
  • Program evaluation
  • Modernization and expansion of programs
  • Services and activities to prepare students for high wage, high skill, high demand jobs
  • Strengthening links between secondary and postsecondary education
For more information about Carl Perkins or CareerTech-related programs, please contact: 

Dr. Stephanie CurtisDr. Stephanie Curtis
Executive Director of Personnel & School Support
Education Service Center
(918) 336-8600 ext. 1028