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State Standards

State Standards
The Oklahoma State Department of Education develops the "Oklahoma Academic Standards" as expectations for what students should know and be able to do by the end of a school year. The development, review and revision process involves stakeholders throughout the state of Oklahoma and is an ongoing and critical component to ensure Oklahoma students in every classroom receive current and relevant learning experiences. The goal is that all students be college, career and citizen ready upon graduation from high school.

There are a number of state and federally-mandated assessments and other accountability measures which measure student progress in meeting the state standards and affect student promotion, graduation, and issuance of driver licenses as well as teacher appraisals and school site reports issued by the state.

Ms. Laura Salzyn
The local school district's Teacher Specialist for Student Assessment & Accountability, Laura Salzyn, helps coordinate the district's elementary school grade level coordinators and assist its secondary school department chairs in the district's efforts to help students meet the Oklahoma Academic Standards.