District Wi-Fi (BPSWIFI.COM)

The district has three wireless networks:

BPS-SECURE may be used with personal devices by all district employees.

BPS-GUEST is for other users.

bpswireless is for use with district-owned devices such as student and staff Chromebooks; only district Technology Services personnel can input the credentials. If you have a district-owned device, such as a student Chromebook, that is not connecting to bpswireless, students should go to the library for assistance while staff can have a designated site technology troubleshooter file a Help Desk ticket.

TIP: The district's Wi-Fi network can often be connected to in parts of many school parking lots.

Accessing BPS-SECURE 

(district staff members)
BPS-SECURE is reserved for use by all district employees as well as district students in grades 9-12. In order to access BPS-SECURE for wireless access, a district-provided username and password are required. They are the same username and password used to login to district computers. Please ensure that your device’s Wi-Fi is turned on before trying to complete the steps below. There are different instructions for Android vs. Apple devices.

BPS-SECURE with Apple Devices

  1. Click the SETTINGS icon and then click on Wi-Fi
  2. On the Wi-Fi screen, find and select the BPS-SECURE network from the list of visible networks.
  3. Input your district username and password in the indicated fields and press Join.
  4. A certificate will be downloaded. Select Trust to trust the secure certificate.

BPS-SECURE with Android Devices

Android users, please note there will be extra fields visible. If you are not careful, you may put your password in the wrong field, which will result in its being exposed and vulnerable to theft.
  1. Under your device's Wi-Fi settings, find and select the BPS-SECURE network from the list of visible networks.
  2. Set EAP method to PEAP, Phase 2 authentication to None, and CA certificate to Do not validate.  
  3. Input your district username in the Identity field and input your district password in the Password field, and then press CONNECT. DO NOT put your password into the Anonymous identity field by mistake; that will make it visible in the system.

Accessing BPS-GUEST (other users)

Guest access is reserved for those needing temporary access to the district wireless network. Unlike BPS-SECURE, users joining BPS-GUEST must sign up for an access username and password.
  1. Under your device’s Wi-Fi settings, find and select the BPS-GUEST network from the list of visible networks.
  2. Your device should redirect to a web browser in order to complete the sign-in procedure. If you were given a username and password by the district, please enter that here. If you need a username and password, please click the link Don’t have an account? to obtain one.
  3. If you are signing up for credentials, fill out all requested information and then press Register. (SMS provider is the telecommunications company that handles your text messages.)
  4. You will receive an email and a text message with your username and password.  Use that information to sign in to the wireless network.
  5. Once signed in, review and Accept the Acceptable Use Policy.

Granger Meador,
Oct 22, 2019, 8:39 AM
Granger Meador,
Oct 22, 2019, 8:39 AM