1:1 Chromebooks Program

All students in regular education* in grades 6-12 are REQUIRED to check-out and use a school-issued Chromebook. In early autumn the district will have enough Chromebooks to check one out to elementary school students for any extended Distance Learning periods.

*Take-home Chromebooks are not routinely issued to students in the Bruin Academy or severe and profound or multi-handicapped Special Education programs; they instead use dedicated devices provided at the school.

Chromebook Checkout Requirements for Grades 6-12

New students and their parents must: 
A device cannot be checked out to a student in grades 6-12 until the student and parent either pay the insurance premium or opt-out of coverage. For returning students entering grades 6-12, the insurance program must be renewed each year. The 2020-2021 renewal period for returning students has expired.

Help with student Chromebooks

Electronic Textbooks

Parents' FAQ

What if the Chromebook gets damaged or stolen or malfunctions?

If you can’t resolve the problem with a Chromebook or it is damaged or stolen:

BHS students: Visit the Student Technology Support Team classroom, which is room 132 in the annex to the east of the 10-12 Library. If the problem cannot be quickly resolved by Ms. Meador or her students, a loaner device will be issued. When the Student Technology Support Team classroom is closed, please proceed to the 10-12 Library to seek assistance from librarian Kim Lashbrook.

Middle school and elementary school students: Visit the school library. If the problem cannot be quickly resolved, the device will be sent off for servicing and a fresh device will be issued by the school librarian.

Repairs: For elementary students, the cost of any repairs or replacement due to damage/loss will be applied to the student's account. For middle and high school students, if the parent or student purchased the district-offered insurance when the device was issued, the full cost of repair or replacement is covered for a first incident of damage or loss, as well as half the cost of a second incident. If the parent or student opted out of the insurance or there is a third incident, the cost of repair or replacement is charged to the student/parent. Students are not held responsible for defects covered by a manufacturer's warranty.

Is there a web filter on the Chromebook?

Can my child bring a family-owned Chromebook or laptop to school?

No. The district requires that the district-supplied Chromebook be what is used at school. Only district-supplied Chromebooks have the required LockDown Browser for secure assessments and other necessary applications. Also, the use of consistent devices reduces distractions for teachers, minimizes support issues, and helps ensure students have a quality educational experience.

What if we don’t have WiFi internet at home?

Having internet service via WiFi will greatly enhance the usefulness of the device outside of school. There are plans as low as $5 or $10/month for qualified homes. Families who cannot arrange for internet service can request a cellular hotspot via our Connected Bruins program. 

Students who will be offline should follow these instructions  and download assignments using Google Docs/Sheets/Slides in advance while at school, setting them to be available for offline editing later; they can be uploaded when the student returns to school.

Why isn't there insurance for elementary students?
A successful insurance program requires that most families opt in, and we could not staff in-person insurance registration at six elementary schools to make that practical. We were able to staff middle school registrations and have urged high school families to renew their existing insurance. Insurance is more crucial to middle and high school students who frequently transport their device to and from school than for elementary students who will seldom transport it back and forth.

I still have questions. Who can I contact?

Please contact Granger Meador, the Exec. Dir. of Technology & Communications, at

Student Computing Initiative Timeline

In August 2016 district voters approved a bond issue to fund a multi-year plan to implement a Student Computing Initiative, including a 1:1 computing rollout for secondary school students. A Chromebook is provided to each middle school and high school student for use both at school and at home and each elementary school classroom will have its own Chromebook cart by early in the 2nd quarter of 2020-2021.


Technology advances quickly, so this timeline and plan structure is subject to change in order to maximize instructional effectiveness and efficiency.