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Curriculum Overview

The goal of science education is to develop scientifically literate citizens who are prepared to live responsibly today and adapt to a future characterized by rapid change. This science curriculum is designed to offer courses which are current, meaningful, challenging, and designed with the students' abilities and learning styles as key components.

In grades PreK-5 the Bartlesville district uses Full Option Science System (FOSS) kits to support elementary school teachers in conducting meaningful hands-on science activities with their students.

The science department curriculum for grades 6-12 is the product of many years of labor by all of the science teachers in the district. The original curriculum design dates back to 1992 and is regularly revised and updated. The current curriculum is aligned to the state Oklahoma Academic Standards for Science (OAS-Science), with Advanced Placement sciences following curricular requirements from the College Board.



The curriculum for each course is listed on the course homepages, accessed from the Home page of this website. A link is posted there for a flowchart of the course sequence.

Course Objectives

Curriculum maps for each course are the best resource for grasping how the Oklahoma Academic Standards for Science are addressed by each course, if applicable. Resources available to teachers to address each objective are listed, along with suggested teaching strategies and timeframes. 

Core Labs

Each course has 12 or 16 core labs reserved for it which address the course objectives as well as the state's Oklahoma Academic Standards for Science. Each lab is briefly summarized in a Core Lab Summaries document, including needed equipment and any safety concerns. Copies of each entire lab are kept on file for teacher use, but are not available to the public due to copyright restrictions. There is a Process Skills Checklist for each course which identifies which Science & Engineering Practices in the Oklahoma Academic Standards for Science are addressed by each core lab.

Advanced Placement courses follow their respective syllabi audited by the College Board.

Quarterly Assessments

In all courses taught by more than one teacher the current course objectives are identified by quarter. Students in those courses take a curriculum assessment at the end of the first and third quarters to assess their achievement of the learning objectives. In middle school, students also take a second quarter assessment.

State Testing

Students in 8th Grade Earth Science take a state criterion-referenced test in the 4th quarter to assess their mastery of selected middle school science standards. Beginning in spring 2017, all sophomores take a state test over the Oklahoma Academic Standards for Biology.


General information on the texts adopted in 2015 for each course is shown.