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Honors Chemistry I

Course Description

Chemistry I Honors/Lab
Course Number: 5054
Semesters: 2
Grade Level: 10
Prerequisite: (1) Completion of or concurrent enrollment in Algebra II (2) Biology I

This course is designed as a comprehensive, theoretical chemistry course with a systematic study of the periodicity of chemical elements, the quantum mechanical model, chemical bonding, and stoichiometry. Emphasis is placed on the inquiry approach to science and proper record keeping in a personal chemistry notebook/journal. 
It is a requirement of this course to complete an independent, experimental scientific research project and enter it into competition.


Chemistry: Matter and Change
Chemistry: Matter & Change
2016, 1st Edition
ISBN 9780076752379 
as part of:
OK 6-year Complete Student LearnSMART Bundgle (SE + eSE + LearnSmart)
MHID 0076761843; ISBN 9780076761845

  • Oklahoma Teacher Edition, Course 1 
    • 3 of MHID 0076703304, ISBN 9780076703302
  • Oklahoma eTeacher Edition (6-year subscription) 
    • 3 of MHID 0076758354, ISBN 9780076758357
  • CINCH Learning (6-year subscription)
  • Oklahoma Student Edition (1:4 ratio; first year only; so 121/4 = 30 books for 1 class set Oklahoma eStudent Edition

Chemistry I HONORS