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Honors Biology I

Course Description

Biology I Honors/Lab
Course Number: 5033
Semesters: 2
Grade Level: 9
Prerequisite: (1) Recommend students achieve a ‘B’ or better in 8th grade science, (2) Teacher recommendation for honors program, (3) Recommend scores at or above 80% on reading achievement.

Honors Biology is an in-depth, systematic approach to the study of living organisms. Due to the rapid expansion of knowledge in this field, study will be accelerated so that not only text content will be covered but also current research and development. The major topics covered are: study of living organisms, cells, continuity of life, history and diversity of life, viruses and monera, protista and fungi, plants, invertebrates, human biology, and ecology.

Emphasis is placed on the mastery of the vocabulary of biology. Students will maintain a biology notebook. Students are required to present a representative insect collection, current news articles, and a research paper. Microscope work and lab dissections are an integral component of this course. The laboratory aspect of Biology I Honors will be tested with comprehensive semester lab applications.

Guest lecturers and visiting scientists that complement the curriculum are used to give students a first-hand experience of science in our community. Successful completion of this course will satisfy Oklahoma’s Biology I graduation requirement. 
Science Fair Project Required, including participation in the District Fair, held on a Saturday in the spring.


Miller & Levine Biology
Miller & Levine Biology
Oklahoma Print Edition
ISBN 9781269927277

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Biology I Honors Curriculum Aligned to OAS-Science