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Graduation Requirements

Graduation Requirements
and Honors/AP Course Enrollment Guidelines

Three units of science are required for graduation, including one full unit of Biology I. All entering 9th-grade students will be enrolled in either Physical Science or Honors Biology I. Advancing freshmen will then regularly enroll in Biology I or Honors Chemistry I in 10th grade.

High School Course Offerings

Traditional Honors/AP* Bruin Academy
(Alternative High School)
Senior High
9th Grade Physical Science Honors Biology I Physical Science

10th Grade Biology I Honors Chemistry I Biology I

11th & 12th Grades
Chemistry I or Active Chemistry
AP Chemistry II Environmental Science
Physics (Inquiry) AP Biology II
Anatomy and Physiology AP Physics 1
Environmental Science (STEM: Science Research)

* Honors/AP Guidelines:

Honors classes (9, 10), and AP classes (11, 12) are offered to those students who qualify through performance in courses leading to the Honors or Advanced Placement classes. The classes are designed for those who score at or above the 80th percentile on standardized achievement tests in reading, math, and/or science, or who have shown superior performance in previous traditional science courses. Teacher/counselor recommendations are considered.

ENTRY/EXIT POLICY: In placing students, consideration will be given to student performance in the current science class, with teacher/counselor recommendation. Honors students may be rescheduled to Traditional classes based on poor performance and after evaluation by the teacher/counselor. An honors class may be taken later after it is apparent the student can handle more demanding work.