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Active Chemistry

Course Description

Active Chemistry
Course Number: 5056
Semesters: 2
Grade Level: 11, 12
Prerequisite: Algebra I (minimum), Biology I

Active Chemistry is a project-based and inquiry-driven chemistry program created with funding from the National Science Foundation and cooperation with the American Institute of Chemical Engineers. This program is aimed at college-bound liberal arts majors (non-science or engineering) and is not remedial in nature. Using thematic challenges that engage students' interest, students learn about the impact of chemistry in a context of Arts and Leisure, Food and Drugs, Sustainability, and The Natural and Fabricated World. Students will be expected to have mastered basic algebra. A three-ring binder is required.


Active Chem 2nd Ed
Active Chemistry, 2nd Edition
ISBN 978-1-60720-792-4


  • 4 of Teacher's Edition, 2-volume set
    • ISBNs 978-1-60720-400-8 and 978-1-60720-401-5
  • 1 of AP/AC/APS ExamView Test Generator v 8.1, ISBN 978-1-60720-805-1
  • 1 of Active Chemistry (2nd) Color Overhead & BLM Online, ISBN 978-1-60720-487-9

Active Chemistry Curriculum