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High School Physical Science

Course Description

Physical Science/Lab
Course Number: 5213
Semesters: 2
Grade Level: 9/10 
Prerequisite: None

Physical Science is a laboratory course designed to be an introduction to the basic concepts of chemistry and physics. Since most students take a chemistry course during their junior or senior year of high school, Physical Science spends approximately 3/4 of the school year on physics and 1/4 of the year on chemistry concepts. Physics is the study of interactions between matter and energy, and includes topical studies in motion, electricity, sound, and heat. Chemistry is the study of the properties, classification, and structure of matter.


CPO Textbook
CPO Science - Foundations of Physical Science, 3rd Edition
Student Book Set: Textbook and Investigations Manual
ISBN 9781604310160

6 of 492-5380 Teacher's Toolkit
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High School Physical Science Aligned to OAS-Science