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Possible School Suspension Planning

posted Mar 16, 2018, 7:49 AM by ppoolkw@bps-ok.org

What is Your Plan if Schools Close April 2nd? 

Parents with children in the Bartlesville school system are encouraged to begin planning now for a possible suspension of public schools that could begin on Monday, April 2 and would last for an unknown number of days. In the event of a suspension, the elementary schools, middle schools, and high school will be closed for instruction and no classes will be held. Students will not be able to attend school as they normally do. You are encouraged to start planning ahead in the event the suspension takes place.

The Bartlesville Community-Wide Steering Committee is providing recommendations to help you begin planning now:
Stay home with your child
● Seriously consider this choice if your job allows for vacation days, sick days, etc.
● Consider forming a child care co-op with other parents in your neighborhood.

Arrange for supervision
● If your child is currently a member of a youth organization, church, or club, contact that organization to see if services will be provided.
● For children who are not members of a church, club, or youth group that will offer services during the suspension period, the Bartlesville Community-Wide Steering Committee is gathering information on additional community resources. A resource list will be distributed by schools the week of March 26.

Children staying home alone
● This decision is for you to make, based on your child’s age and maturity. Things to consider from OK DHS:
    -Does your child have the maturity to be left alone, regardless of age?
    -How long will your child be alone?
    -Is the surrounding neighborhood safe?
    -Is there immediate access to an adult?
    -Does your child know what to do in an emergency?
    -Is your child caring for other children?
    -Does your child know how to use household appliances properly?
    -Will other children be visiting your home?
    -Is your child comfortable being left alone?
*For more information and advice, contact Bartlesville DHS at (918) 338-5700.

Breakfast and Lunch Services at Most Schools
The school district is finalizing a plan to provide free breakfast and lunch at most, but not all, elementary school sites, and initially during suspension period at middle schools and BHS.  Children can eat at any of the selected sites, regardless of the school they attend.  More details, including a list of participating schools, will be announced soon.

The YMCA Elementary School Age Care Program
This program will be expanded to full-day care, including meals, in the event of a school suspension beginning April 2.
The program will operate up to 10 school days at the following schools: Ranch Heights, Hoover, Richard Kane, Wayside, and Woodrow Wilson. The program is open to the students currently enrolled in the YMCA Elementary School Age
Care Program with additional enrollment to other students as space is available. Space is limited at each school site.

Enrollment & Waiting List: Both current and non-program members need to be enrolled to participate in this program. Enrollment of current program members starts on Monday, March 26, with enrollment of non-members beginning Thursday, March 29. Before the enrollment period, parents of non-program members can have their child’s name placed on a waiting list by signing up the YMCA’s front desk at 101 N Osage Ave or calling (918) 336-0713.

Cost and Payment Deadline: The charge for current program members will be $11 per full day since they have partially paid for care already and $20 for non-program members. For parents unable to pay, DHS guidelines will be used for children that are able to get DHS support. Parents can also apply for YMCA financial aid. Payment is due at time of enrollment and no later than Friday, March 30.

Mar 16, 2018, 7:49 AM