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Madison renovations approaching completion

posted Dec 19, 2017, 1:34 PM by Granger Meador   [ updated Dec 19, 2017, 1:35 PM ]
The renovations at Madison funded by the 2016 bond issue are approaching completion. Some flooring work remains, including refinishing both gyms over Winter Break. Some doors and acoustical panels are also still pending.

The projects at the school included:
  • New locker room and dugouts at the softball field
  • New seating and other updates in the auditorium
  • Old locker room area renovated to provide a new choir room, which allowed the old choir room to be renovated into a dedicated orchestra room, freeing up the stage of the auditorium
  • Part of the locker room area also used for music practice rooms, storage, and renovated physical education locker rooms
  • Band room and conference room renovated
  • Updated lighting and paint in both gyms, with floor refinishes scheduled for Winter Break
  • Main office counter reconfigured for secure entry; art room counters refinished
  • Those rooms still on 1968 HVAC systems received new HVAC split-units
  • New drive around Madison to separate bus and passenger traffic
One lingering issue that will be fixed is subsurface water flow that was damaging asphalt drives. The asphalt will be removed, a French drain constructed, and then new asphalt will be installed. Happily, despite this setback, the total cost of the construction projects from the bond issue remains within the originally budgeted amount.
    Auditorium seating
    The auditorium has new seating comparable to that of the high school Fine Arts Center

    Choir room
    New choir room in part of former locker room area