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66th Annual Bartlesville District Science Fair results

posted Feb 26, 2018, 3:25 PM by Granger Meador   [ updated Feb 26, 2018, 3:25 PM ]
State Science Fair Attendees
The students in the photo were selected to attend the Oklahoma State Science & Engineering Fair on April 5-6, 2018 in Ada, OK (some students who were selected for state fair are not pictured; click here for a complete district listing)

The 66th annual Bartlesville District Science Fair was held at the Phillips 66 Research Center in Bartlesville on February 23-24, 2018.

Madison Middle School Science Fair Winners

  • Anisha Sharma, "Ocean Ferrous Fertilization: Effects on Global Warming", Oklahoma State Science Fair, Junior Environmental (1st), Oklahoma Society of Professional Engineers, Bartlesville Garden Center: Junior Division, Broadcom Masters Scientist Challenge
  • Ashley Healy, "Hybrid Versus Heirloom", Junior Environmental (3rd)
  • Charlie Olsen, "Wildland Fire Damper", Oklahoma State Science Fair, Junior Physics (2nd), Broadcom Masters Scientist Challenge
  • Emma Harris, "Ovis Ares Kinesis", American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) Junior Division 
  • Joshua Heuertz, "Bridge Types", Tri County Technology Center
  • Kate Boudreaux, "To Pill or Not to Pill?", Oklahoma State Science Fair, Junior Medical and Health Sciences (1st), Broadcom Masters Scientist Challenge
  • Maurie Armstrong, "Bio Warfare", Oklahoma State Science Fair,  Junior Biological Sciences (2nd), Broadcom Masters Scientist Challenge
  • Michael Page, going to State
  • Theresa Miller,  going to State

Going to State Fair
State Fair
The following students at the district fair were selected to attend the Oklahoma State Science & Engineering Fair on April 5-6 in Ada:
  • Maha Achour
  • Julianna Ahlert
  • Diego Alberto-Lopez
  • Maurie Armstrong
  • Tanner Benbrook
  • Khayla Black
  • James Boudreaux
  • Kate Boudreaux
  • Michael Brockman
  • Rachel Brown
  • Claire Chipinda & Kianna Shaw
  • McKenzie Cummings
  • Edwin Ding
  • Bryce Goodin
  • Claire Griffin
  • Claire Hopkins
  • Annaleah Hough
  • David Kelley
  • Morgan King & Tarun Vinodkumar
  • Levi Kreider
  • Colton McCullough
  • Charlie Olsen
  • Sydney Potts
  • Christopher Rathman
  • Amelia Ray & Isabel Zielenski
  • Peyton Ridley
  • Anisha Sharma
  • Catherine Sheffield
  • Keith Shelts
  • Rhiannon Silva
  • Bryson Waugh & Trevor Waugh
  • Sara Wiley
  • Eli Winter
  • Stone Yang
  • Mikayla Yucra
  • Madelynn Shambles
  • Max Williams
  • Joyce Yang
  • Elena Fries & Meghan Landers
  • Sloan Hewitt