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$5,700,000, which is 29% of the bond package, is for facility projects. These projects were ranked as high-priority needs by the community members who served on the District Long-Range Facilities Committee, but bond capacity limits meant they could not be included in the 2012 or 2013 bond issues.
  • Less than 15% of the entire bond package would reconfigure and renovate facilities for extracurricular activities at Madison Middle School and Bartlesville High School.
  • Less than 6% of the entire bond package would be for other renovations at Madison Middle School and to renovate the auditorium at Central Middle School.
  • Less than 4% of the entire bond package would be for safety upgrades at the six elementary school playgrounds.

Extracurricular Activity Issues and Bond Issue Solutions (< 15% of bond)

 Activity  Existing Issue Bond Issue Solution 
High School Band and Orchestra 9th-12th grade instrumental music programs are overflowing space built for grades 11-12 Reconfigure 1939 Phillips Field House (old gym) to provide two additional breakout rooms for instrumental music classes
High School Choir  9th-12th grade choir program is overflowing space built for grades 11-12 Soundproof a storage room off the Fine Arts Center lobby to provide an additional ensemble room
Madison Middle School Band and Orchestra (former Mid-High/Sooner High campus) Shared room for band and orchestra at former Mid-High/Sooner High campus means auditorium stage is used daily for practice, impeding use of the auditorium Reconfigure nearby locker rooms to provide additional breakout rooms and a storage room for the band, orchestra, and choir programs while still providing appropriate locker rooms for girls and boys physical education program.
High School Physical Education, Wrestling, Pom, and Cheer 1939 Phillips Field House (old gym) not configured well for current uses; physical education locker rooms are inadequate, wrestling needs more room, pom and cheer need more appropriate practice spaces, etc. Reconfigure 1939 Phillips Field House (old gym) to form better physical education locker rooms, larger wrestling room, dedicated high-ceiling pom room, and supporting offices.
Reconfigure Bruin Activity Center (indoor practice facility) to provide dedicated high-ceiling space for cheer program and space for athletics weight training.
High School Soccer, Track, Cross Country, and Tennis Inadequate locker rooms Reconfigure bottom level of Custer Stadium to provide appropriate locker rooms for boys and girls sports.
High School Track The Doornbos track, built in 1988 with some edge and marking renovations in 2004, has a worn out surface that must be replaced. Resurface the track.
High School Tennis The five decrepit courts at BHS are the worst in the conference, with unsafe surfaces, inadequate seating, and too few courts for tournaments. Replace the existing courts with six new courts in the same area of campus as the existing ones.
High School Softball Softball field at Madison Middle School lacks a locker room; students travel across parking lots to use old lockers in Madison building. The only new square footage in the bond issue is for an approximately 1000 square foot locker room at the softball field. This will not only be better for the softball players, addressing Title IX gender equity issues, but will free up space to allow Madison's locker rooms to be reworked to provide needed music practice and storage space.
High School Baseball The district has been successfully operating and maintaining the stadium for over a year, while allowing other programs, including American Legion baseball, to use the stadium. The recent transfer of ownership from the city to the district will allow the district to capture lease revenue. The transfer of ownership has NOT increased operating costs for the district. Minor repairs for the stadium.

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Other Madison Middle School Improvements (former Mid-High/Sooner High site) (< 5% of bond)

In addition to solving the problems with the softball locker room and lack of sufficient music rooms at Madison, the bond would provide a bus loop, replace the remaining original HVAC systems, and repair the auditorium. Click the images to enlarge them.
  • Madison Bus Loop
    • Madison Bus Loop
      Currently both buses and personal vehicles mix on the loop drive in front of Madison. This creates congestion before and after school and increases the possibility of collisions between vehicles or with pedestrians.
    • There is already a new commons area on the back (north) side of the building in the former shop rooms. An existing drive runs from the parking lot to that area, but it does not connect back to Baylor Drive, so large buses cannot use it.
    • The 2016 bond would provide an extension of that road east and then south to loop around Madison. Buses would pick up and drop off students on the loop near the commons, freeing up the front circle drive for personal vehicles.
  • Madison HVAC
    • The 2013 bond issue had sufficient capacity to replace the old heating, ventilation, and air conditioning units in the classrooms of the building, which was built in the late 1960s as Sooner High School. However, there was not enough funding to replace the remainder of the original steam heating system that serves other areas of the building.
    • The 2016 bond would allow the remainder of that old and inefficient system to be replaced with a modern system that is more energy efficient and allows on-demand heating and cooling rather than the current manual switchover required with the old steam heating system.
  • Madison Auditorium
    • Madison Stage
      Madison's auditorium was built in 1967 and last renovated over 20 years ago. While a projector has been installed for improved audiovisuals, the auditorium has some broken seats, the stage area has missing tiles, and reflects daily use as a practice space for orchestra since the school has never had separate band or orchestra rooms.
    • As shown in the previous section on extracurricular improvements, the 2016 bond issue will reconfigure existing locker rooms to provide additional music rooms and free up the stage.
    • The 2016 bond issue will also renovate the auditorium and its stage to modern standards.

Central Middle School Auditorium (< 2% of bond)

Central Balcony
While the 2013 bond issue will completely renovate the remainder of the campus, there was not sufficient bonding capacity to address its auditorium. Central staff have staged several community runs in recent years to raise money to begin to address its shortcomings.

This beautifully designed space was built in 1926 to seat 1,000 and was only partially renovated over 20 years in a 1993 bond issue. It has a number of issues that need to be addressed:
  • Central Stage Front
    The auditorium has plaster rot on its east wall which needs to be repaired. 
  • Its seats are old and many are broken.
  • The carpet is worn out and has developed dents and ripples.
  • The balcony rail is very low; reinforced safety glass panels along the upper edge would make it much safer if someone trips or falls.
  • The audiovisual system needs to be updated.

Elementary Schools (< 4% of bond)

Example Corridor
A 2007 bond issue renovated the corridors of Ranch Heights, Wayside, and Woodrow Wilson elementary schools with attractive large grade level numbers, improved carpet, walls, and ceilings. A 2012 bond issue did the same for Richard Kane elementary.

But Hoover and Jane Phillips elementary schools have not been similarly updated. The 2016 bond issue would make similar upgrades to both sites, while respecting the different design styles of each building.

The number one facility improvement requested by the elementary schools were safety improvements for the playgrounds. A recent Stanford University study affirmed the educational importance of recess.

While the elementary schools already have nice playground equipment from previous bond issues, they still have old pea gravel in their play areas which the 2016 bond issue would replace with a safer modern material. Rotting railroad ties along the play area borders would also be replaced.