2012 Bond Issue

8/28/2012 Election Results:
Proposition 1 for Construction, Operations, and Maintenance: 4,197 YES & 2,213 NO = 65.5% YES
Proposition 2 - Transportation: 4,328 YES & 2,184 NO = 66.5% YES
In August 2012 the patrons of the Bartlesville Public Schools approved a $12.7 million bond issue focused on Essentials:
  • Classrooms 

    Eliminating portables at Richard Kane Elementary School
Provide essential tools for learning & preserve class sizes
  • Transportation
  • Replace old vehicles; the fleet buses 1,600 students daily

The 2012 bond addressed facility needs at the six elementary schools and is still covering seven years of capital costs for essential school programs to help compensate for state aid, which was over $2.2 million less in 2011-12 than in 2008-09, despite steady enrollment. The bond provides funds to help with:
The bond issue did NOT increase the annual millage going to the public schools beyond current levels.