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Chromebook Printing

School Printers: The district has provided a Hewlett-Packard (HP) Wi-Fi printer in each of the secondary school libraries and in a few English classrooms at each secondary school. The HP Print for Chrome app is set to automatically download to district Chromebooks to facilitate access to those and other networked HP printers at the various sites. 

Other Printers at School or Home: Use Google Cloud Print to print from a Chromebook. While this works well with home computers and can work with school printers that are hardwired into the network, such as non-HP devices, we have NOT found it to be reliable for our school WiFi-only printers.

Using the printer in Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, etc.

  1. Open the document you wish to print in Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, etc.
  2. Open the File menu and select Print (or press CTRL+P).
  3. On the left sidebar that appears, if the printer you want to use is not shown next to Destination:
    • Click the Change... button to trigger the Select a destination dialog box.
    • The dialog box may show Recent Destinations, Local Destinations, and sometimes Google Cloud Print. Click on the name of the printer you wish to use. 
  1. Change the settings as needed for the pages to print, number of copies, layout, etc. and then click the blue Print button.

Using the printer in the Chrome browser

Once you have setup a printer for Cloud Print, when you are logged into your Google account and browsing in the Chrome web browser on a Chromebook or other device, you can select the three-dot icon at the upper right 
and select Print... or simply hit CTRL-P to print the current page.

On the left sidebar that appears, you may need to change the Destination by click the Change... button to trigger the Select a destination dialog box.

The dialog box may show Recent DestinationsLocal Destinations, and sometimes Google Cloud Print. Click on the name of the printer you wish to use.

Change the settings as needed for the pages to print, number of copies, layout, etc. and then click the blue Print button.

Installing HP Print for Chrome

First you must install the HP Print for Chrome app in the Chrome web browser:
  1. Login to the Chromebook with your Google for Education account.
  2. Open the Chrome internet browser .
  3. Click this link: HP Print for Chrome app
  4. Click Free or Add to Chrome (if you see Launch App, it has already been installed).
  5. A confirmation message displays.
  6. From the next window, you may need to click Add to confirm the new app.
  7. The app should be installed.

Re-Enabling Wi-Fi on a HP WiFi Printer

If the HP LaserJet Pro M402dw on a Chromebook Cart does not have a blue light on its top panel, the Wi-Fi is off.

Manually adding a Printer to HP Print for Chrome

If you try to access an HP printer at a different site, it may not appear on your Chromebook. But, if you can get its IP address, you can manually add it to HP Print for Chrome:

  1. Click the Launcher Launcher in the Chromebook.
  2. A list of installed Chrome apps displays. Look for the HP Print for Chrome app with its printer icon. You may have to go to a second screen of apps to find it in the listing.
  3. Select HP Print for Chrome.
    Figure : Selecting HP Print for Chrome
    Image: Selecting HP Print for Chrome.
  4. From the HP Print for Chrome window, select Add Printers by IP address.
  5. Click +Add printer if needed to see blanks for Printer name and IP address.
  6. In the Printer name box, type an appropriate name for the printer, such as "BHS Cart 3" or "Central Room 000".
  7. In the  IP Address box, type in the printer's IP address, which is a series of numbers separated by periods. It may be displayed on the LCD screen on the top of the printer. 
  8. Then click the plus sign .
  9. The printer will then be added to the list of Local Destinations printers when you are logged into the school's Wi-Fi network.