Gwyneth Jones -- The Daring Librarian

Library Journal March 15, 2011: Gwyneth Jones  , Mover & Shaker A self-described "goofball and geek," Gwyneth Jones is a frequent and formidable presence at library conferences; on her blog, The Daring Librarian, where she appears as a cartoon persona with cat's-eye glasses and fiery red hair; and at Murray Hill Middle School Library in Laurel, MD, where she oversees everything from an early-morning, student-generated news show and student-penned audiobook reviews to a library treasure hunt involving QR codes and iPods.

Behind the bluster lies a laser-sharp grasp of, and love for, technology. Jones is tireless in sharing her knowledge. As a board member of the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE), Jones, who "has always been a bit of a rebel," she says, passionately represents all PreK-12 technology educators. On her Flickr Comic Tutorials, she offers detailed, cartoon-style instruction on mastering popular tech tools.

A founding member of the Library Tech Geek Tribe and Bloggers Café, Jones has a big bee in her bonnet when it comes to making kids tech-savvy—i.e., fighting the "Locked Net Monster"—when aggressive filters and other blocks prevent students from accessing worthy web resources. The ability to distinguish a good e-resource from a bad one is critical for kids, she says. Tomorrow, "the evangelical divide will not be measured by access but by whether or not the person knows how to evaluate the resource with some sort of precision." 

In 2011 she was named a School Library Journal Mover and Shaker.

Biographical information from School Library Journal

Joquetta Johnson -- The Digital Diva

Joquetta Johnson is a library media specialist who provides instruction that integrates library, information literacy, and 21st century skills into all curriculum areas at a high school in Baltimore County, Maryland. Her willingness to share her expertise with others has earned her the title of Digital Diva and Media Maven in her school.

Joquetta was selected from a pool of over 400 applicants by the National Board of Professional Teaching Standards to serve on the twelve member Library Media Specialist Standards Committee. In this role, she assisted with revising and deconstructing the National Standards for Library Media Specialist. This document is use by library media specialist pursing National Board Certification.

As a certified Promethean Trainer, Joquetta works with a cadre of teachers and school administrators preparing them to use Interactive Whiteboard Technologies to engage 21st learners throughout the school district. She also serves as a state certified Verizon Thinkfinity Trainer. In this role, she is responsible for training educators and parents in the use of this interactive website in order to access high-quality content to advance student achievement. Joquetta serves as a trainer for Maryland Public Television and is responsible for training Maryland educators, families, and community members how to use Thinkport; an online educational portal. She trains teachers to effectively integrate technology into the classroom using digital content and Web 2.0 applications.

Joquetta was also selected as an education consultant for the International Society for Technology Education (ISTE). As a consultant, she served as a curriculum writer and assisted with the design and development of cutting-edge lessons included in an ISTE/Microsoft curriculum titled, Integrating ICT Skills into Teaching and Learning. She was also selected as an ISTE Institute Mentor for schools that were awarded the Hewlett Packard Technology for Teaching Grants. Other recognitions include Recipient, Award in Excellence in Education, Master Teacher of Year Award Nominee, Maryland Technology Academy Fellow, and Treasure Mountain Research Retreat Scholar.

Biographical Information from Ms. Johnson's blog:  The Digital Diva

Laura Wexler -- Stories From the Stoop

Laura Wexler, Producer and Co-host

Laura Laura Wexler is the author of Fire in a Canebrake: The Last Mass Lynching in America (Scribner, 2003), and a senior editor at Style Magazine. She teaches in the graduate creative writing programs at Johns Hopkins University and Goucher College and is a member of the Baltimore Improv Group.

About the Stoop

Stories of love, death, revenge, forgiveness. Failures small and large. Double-crossing and two-timing. Shame and success. Epiphanies that happen just in time…and others that don't. Blood, sweat and tears--and lots of laughs. Each Stoop show features seven storytellers who get seven minutes each to tell a true, personal story about a specific theme. No notes, no scripts, no actors--just true stories, artfully told.

Stoop storytellers are writers, dog-walkers, scientists, poets, moms, manicurists, museum directors, waitresses, TV hosts, taxi drivers…and you! During each Stoop show, a few lucky audience members get the chance to tell three-minute stories on stage. And The Stoop is always looking for storytellers for upcoming shows. If you've got an idea for a story or a theme, send a few brief sentences about it to info@stoopstorytelling.com.

Be sure to check out the Stoop Radio Show on WYPR!

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Kevin O'Malley -- Skip Anthony Lecture

This year's Skip Anthony Lecture speaker is Baltimore author Kevin O'Malley

Kevin O'Malley was in the fourth grade when he decided to illustrate books for children.


As punishment for acting out in class, Kevin was often sent to the library for a "timeout." Resigned to his fate, he grudgingly started to leaf through a pile of picture books. There were pictures of cute little ponies, cute little puppies, and cute little children with smiling parents beaming behind them. Yuck, yuck, and double yuck! Then, just when he thought he would fall off his chair and die of cuteness, Kevin came upon a picture of a boy in a wolf suit who was threatening to eat his mother. In another picture he was chasing his dog with a fork. This was somebody Kevin could relate to. He kept reading as the boy cavorted through the forest with big hairy monsters. Kevin loved it! The book was, of course, Where the Wild Things Are. From then on, Kevin wanted to illustrate children's books. Not cute children's books, but books for kids like him.


He has a wild sense of humor and it comes through loud and clear in his books. In 1992, he made his children's book debut with Froggy Went A-Courting, based on a well known folk ballad. That same year (1992), he wrote the text and created the art for Bruno, You're Late for School, an amusing tale of a young boy rhinoceroses whose mighty sneeze launches his homework out of his apartment window. Both books have delightful full-page colored pencil drawings.


Kevin has illustrated books written by other writers, such as Cinder Edna, Big Squeak, Little Squeak, and Chanukah in Chelm and has worked in animating multimedia displays for clients including the Smithsonian Institution. His latest books range from nonfiction to outrageous humor. He has always loved drawing and shares his enthusiasm with kids in the talks he gives at schools.

Biographical information from Balkin Buddies.