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  1. Purchase BSA Scout Handbook for your son and read Chapter 1 together.

  2. Read Troop 70 Policies and Guidelines together and sign form.

  3. Read News from Advancement Chairperson together.

  4. Complete BSA Boy Scout Application and Health History Form (both sides, beware of carbon).

  5. Complete Troopmaster Millennium Scout Personal Data Sheet.

  6. Complete BSA Adult Leader Application Form (Troop 70 requests an adult member of each family serve as a leader or as a member of the Committee).

  7. Complete Troopmaster Millennium Adult Leader Personal Data Sheet.

  8. Complete Merit Badge Counselor Application (if interested).

  9. Help your son assemble a binder for his records and notes (required).

  10. Bring packet, completed forms, Scout Handbook and binder to troop meeting.

Date Initial

Scout and parent meet with the troop treasurer

    Turn-in Scout and Adult Application and Health History Forms
    Pay applicable fees (Transfer/Registration/Dues/Boy’s Life)

Scout and Parent meet with the troop advancement chairperson

    Turn-in Troopmaster Millennium Scout & Adult Leader Personal Data Sheets
    Turn-in Troop Policies and Guidelines Form
    Turn-in Merit Badge Counselor Form
    Review Scout’s record keeping responsibilities
    Review Scout’s Merit Badge responsibilities
    Review Merit Badge Counselor’s responsibilities

Scout meet with the Scoutmaster

    Show him your Scout Handbook and binder/notebook
    Complete Pamphlet in front of Scout Handbook with your scout
    Have a Scoutmaster’s Conference for the rank of “Scout”
    Scoutmaster introduces Scout to Patrol and Troop Guide

Parents meet with Committee Chairman

    Review differences between Cub Scouting and Boy Scouting
    View Fast Start Basic Training Video
    Discuss ways parents can help their son
    Discuss ways parents can help the troop
    Questions and Answers
Last Updated ( Sunday, 10 June 2007 )