What is a Non-Traditional School Plan?

In previous years Kentucky school districts were invited to apply for a non-traditional school day waiver if they, 
historically, have missed more than 20 days. In 2014 all districts were invited to apply for the waiver. Boyle County submitted a very detailed plan that outlines how instruction will delivered for ALL students during a day when school is not open due to unforeseen circumstances (i.e., snow days). The plan gives teachers the opportunity to refine their digital presence for content delivery and makes concessions for those students that may not readily have access to technology or network resources.

Using this site

This site is ever changing and dynamic. We continually update it as things change with the original plan.

Side Navigation Links:
Data Dashboard- This provides a link to all district data collected on the Non-Traditional Day, including student accountability, parent feedback, and teacher feedback.

Lesson Samples- Sample paper packet lessons and digital lesson samples are both contained in this tab.

Preparing- This link provides document and form samples that have been used throughout the process. It also has an "In the News" section that highlights articles or interviews pertaining to Boyle County's involvement in the Non-Traditional Plan.

Lesson Learned- Perhaps the most dynamic feature of this site. For those starting from scratch with the Non-Traditional it is probably the most valuable. It gives insight into questions that one may not think about and how we resolved them. It also addresses how major hurdles were handled and success. This portion is growing and updated continually.