About Cheri Meyn

My name is Cheri Meyn and I am a third grade teacher at Boyden-Hull.

My husband and I have 3 children.  My daughter, Carissa, and her husband Levi Judge teach at George/Little Rock, our son, Dusty, teaches at Forest City & his wife Traci is a surgical nurse at the Mason City Hospital..  Maria is a graphic artist at the Foreign Candy Co. in Hull and is married to Nathan Schafer who teaches History at Rock Valley. In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my family.

Educational Background:

I graduated from Northwestern College in Orange City with a major in Physical Education and Elementary Education.

Teaching Experience:

I taught K-12 Physical Education for one year at Albert City-Truesdale and K-8  Physical Education for 3 years at Floyd Valley.

Current Teaching Assignment:

I taught Kindergarten my first three years at Boyden-Hull. I have been teaching third grade ever since.  It is a great experience and also very rewarding.

Other Extra Curricular Duties:

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