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Plastic Injection Moulding

Bowstar supply injection moulds for both thermoplastics and thermoset material. We have well equipped in-house tool room, also alliance with local tool makers, let us ideally positioned to take on both large and small projects. 

We can handle projects as simple as fabricate a tool then deliver to you, or one-stop service included product development, mass production, packing and shipping.

We provide comprehensive plastic injection and moulding services for various types of plastic materials;

Included ABS, PP, PC, PU, Nylon, PPO, PBT, TPE and various type of Glass-Filled material. 

Bulk Moulding Compound (BMC)
BMC is in the thermoset plastics group used in injection moulding and compression moulding. It is manufactured by mixing strands (>2cm) of chopped glass fibers in a mixer with a thermoset resin (commonly polyester resin, vinyl ester resin or epoxy resin). It can be adjusted by changing the additive materials according to the require feature.
  • High mechanical strength
  • Well dimension stability with its low tensile properties
  • High thermo stability
  • Excellent electrical insulation
  • Flame retardant

Injection moulds can be fabricate from 3D CAD data, 2D drawing or actual sample. We also provide secondary processes based on your requirements, including spray paint, silk screen print, tempo printing, ultrasonic welding, metallic coating and assembly.

Production Process
  • Customer provides CAD data, technical drawings or samples to Bowstar.
  • Mould fabrication by provided data or drawings.
  • First shot samples are produced and measured.
  • Submit samples to you for approval.
  • Mass production commences upon your approval. 
  • Each batch is inspected by our quality control staffs.

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